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Started the business in a falling market and grew it during a worldwide, economic disaster

Nic Fren has taken Bespoke Media Group from a side hustle and turned it into one of the most well known & respected marketing agencies for the real estate industry in Australia & New Zealand.

Currently ranked the #1 social media educator and #1 influencer for the real estate industry by the social media marketing institute of Australia, Nic has enjoyed enormous growth over the past few years.

Starting out as a side hustle, bespoke now represents over 320 clients across 4 countries, and now a team of 10 internationally, with Mr Fren at the helm.

When asked in April 2021 as the company officially turned 3 years old how he felt about the business, Mr Fren explained “I started this business as a hobby in a falling market and grew it during a worldwide, economic disaster. I’m very proud of the brand and the impact it’s made within the industry”.

Today, Mr Fren mentors businesses when it comes to marketing and growing their teams in a modern world.

COVID-19 changed the game he says. We were thrust into a digital world and there were some who weren’t ready. On top of having to go online, I started seeing many of my clients struggle within their marketplaces. Not only did they have to start virtual tours and inspections, they had to educate their marketplaces. It was a double whammy for some and there was nowhere they could go for help or guidance if they were independent. We threw all our resources at them to help them, the CEO explains. For some, it was the difference between staying open or closing their doors.

With the release of the Bespoke Agent Portal in February 2020, Mr Fren provides daily content, training and mentoring to the industry and provides his members with one on one coaching and adapts the training to what is required.

We have a set game plan of what we want to do overall Mr Fren says, however, as times change, so do does our training. Melbourne is a classic example. Over the past week we have been focusing on more what agents can do if they are stuck at home. Things such as training, new apps and programs for videos, getting experimental with different strategies while they have time. The very essence of Bespoke is to give tailored service and that’s exactly what our training does.

I believe we set a standard for training during the COVID era. There are people who are still reluctant to attend large events, we all live on our phones so we needed to adapt to that. We are also mindful of who our audience is. For the most part, they are business owners and sales agents.

With time the biggest asset in the industry, we provide training that's no more than 5 minutes for the most part. Agents tell us they are listening while driving around and during open homes. Easily accessible on your phone, with a weekly newsletter sent out with content and information agents can print and use in the field.

Mr Fren explains "I’ve been to every training course you can think of over my 17 years, and I’ve taken the very best of everything, and put it all together in the one place".

The goal is simple, to help agents build their brands, make more sales and grow their business, Mr Fren said.

Written by Bespoke Media Group


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