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The Agent Portal Every Agent Needs

Deemed by the Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia as one of the leading agent portals in Australian & New Zealand real estate industry. Our portal hit the market on February 14th last year just as covid 19 was hitting our shores.

With so many forced to work from home our agent portal came at the right time for the real estate industry.

Offering print marketing, social & digital ads, a content library, our online shop, a PR department, online and face to face coaching plus much more. All this for one low cost monthly subscription.

Praised by marketing managers who have taken advantage of the system and welcomed by larger businesses who are able to have their entire networks content in the one place and accessible by all, our agent portal has allowed those in the marketing department to work on dollar productive activities within the business, while having professional social media and digital marketers provide high quality campaigns.

One tool our agents love is our social media CV. Imagine having all your social media campaigns collated in the one spot, so when you walk into a listing you can whip out your phone and show your vendor the results of all the social media campaigns you have run in the past and using that as a tool to secure the listing AND get VPA for social media.

Our online shop hosts a lot of services and products which can be purchased through the portal such as colouring in books for kids at open homes, copywriting, DL cards and more.

Our most popular feature is our content library. With all the images, templates and tiles an agent could ever need, that is branded, personalised and brand compliant.

When creating the portal, I relied on my 15 years industry experience to draw on the pain points both marketing managers and agents have and did what we could to take those stresses away.

We appreciate the industry moves at a fast pace and people want things now and want it all in the one spot and that’s what we’ve been able to achieve.

Our portal which has also been described as “a virtual assistant in your back pocket” is the must have VA of 2021.

If you would like more information, please get in touch.

Nic Fren

CEO - Bespoke Media Group

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