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The listing getting enquiry for only 11 cents.

19 Park Street Killingworth is the listing that’s hot in Sydney’s eastern suburbs at the moment. Even though it’s 151.4 kms away.

Principal of No Bull Real Estate Jon Byrne & wife Edith Byrne are presenting this property to market with a modern approach.

Mr Byrne has sound knowledge of social & digital marketing and decided to preview the property on social media to bait interest in the lead up to listing the property on the major sites.

People are constantly on social media these days he explains. It’s a unique property and we wanted to put it out there to those who would never have thought about looking at the area, but would appreciate all the home has to offer.

After speaking with Nic Fren, Director of Bespoke Media Group, it was decided that it would be a good idea to launch a social media campaign and target it to the Sydney market.

I started my sales career back in 2005 with Jon & Edith Mr Fren explains. When Jon described the property to me I just knew it would appeal to the Sydney market Mr Fren said.

It’s a five bedroom home sitting on over 1,000 sqm with a media room, pool and a DLUG for under a million dollars.

You just can’t get that value here in Sydney he said.

The social media ad was sent live on Monday morning and has already gained interest from the Sydney buyer market.

The home is getting enquiry interest from only 11 cents per click

Mr Fren reports the property had reached over 2,400 people in Sydney’s east in the past two days with 172 click throughs on the property. It’s costing us 11 cents per click which is unbelievable, he explains. We haven’t even spent $20 on the ad spend yet.

We have been inundated with enquiry Mr Byrne said. Killingworth is right on the freeway and it’s only a 45 minute trip to Sydney.

With more and more people working from home and only attending the office now and then, the commute is justified when you compare what you get in Sydney’s east for million dollars.

Paul Close

Bespoke Media Group

Public Relations


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