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The Role of Principals and CEOs Has Never Been More Critical When It Comes To Lead Generation

"Provide the tools or run the risk of watching your agents walk out the door to someone else who will" says Bespoke Media Group's Nic Fren.

"A brand, culture or splits fell quite short on what agents were looking for in 2023" says Mr Fren, with the emphasis, for the most part being on "what's the lead generation services on offer."

In today's world of real estate, where success hinges on staying ahead of the curve, the role of Principals and CEOs has never been more critical.

As we usher in 2024, the expectations of real estate agents are evolving, demanding more innovative strategies and cutting-edge tools to secure success in a competitive market.

This is where Bespoke Media Group has established themselves as the leading media & marketing agency offering social media solutions and lead generation tools that not only meet but exceed the needs of agents.

The Shift in Real Estate Dynamics

The landscape of real estate recruitment and retention underwent a significant transformation in 2023, with an emphasis on lead generation and personalised branding.

Agents are no longer asking what their Principals can do for them; they are seeking visionary leaders who can provide them with the tools and support to navigate the ever-changing real estate terrain effectively.

Mr. Fren emphasised, "Our commitment to ensuring our members possess all the essential resources to distinguish themselves in their respective marketplaces is a driving force."

The Challenge of Traditional Marketing Agencies

While many real estate networks turned to marketing agencies for solutions in 2023, the rising costs, often exceeding $1,500 per agent, proved to be an unsustainable investment in the long run.

This financial burden left Principals and CEOs searching for a cost-effective yet robust alternative to empower their agents without compromising on results.

Bespoke Media Group: A Beacon of Innovation

Enter Bespoke Media Group, a pioneer in providing affordable and effective social media solutions and lead generation tools tailored for the real estate industry.

Bespoke understands the unique challenges faced by real estate professionals and has curated a program that equips agents with the skills and resources needed to thrive in the modern real estate landscape.

Empowering Agents with Comprehensive Tools

At the heart of Bespoke's success is its commitment to providing comprehensive tools that empower agents to maximise their social media and marketing efforts.

The company's industry-leading training and education platform have been meticulously designed to help agents brand themselves effectively, secure more appraisals, and, ultimately, secure more listings.

Bespoke ensures that its solutions not only meet the demands of the present but also prepare agents for the challenges of the future.

Affordability as a Cornerstone

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, Bespoke Media Group stands out for its affordability.

The company has developed a program that delivers unparalleled results without placing a strain on the budgets of real estate networks, business owners or agents.

This commitment to providing accessible solutions ensures that real estate Principals and CEOs can offer their agents a competitive edge without compromising their financial stability.

Getting Ahead of the Curve in 2024

As the expectations of real estate agents continue to rise, Principals and CEOs must be proactive in providing the support and tools necessary for success.

Setting up an account with Bespoke for the entire office, free of charge, is a strategic move that positions real estate networks as leaders in agent empowerment.

The importance of social media solutions and lead generation tools in 2024 cannot be overstated. Bespoke Media Group's innovative approach to affordability and effectiveness makes it the ideal partner for real estate networks or offices looking to elevate their agents' success.

By embracing Bespoke's transformative solutions, Principals and CEOs can lead their networks into a future where success is not just achievable but inevitable.

Get in touch with Bespoke Media Group today and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success in 2024 and beyond.


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