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The Tour - 1st Agent In Australia To Sell On Facebook

Many coaches claim to be social media gurus and have the tips and tricks to make you successful online but I often wonder where the hands on experience comes from.

Many of these "coaches" are not agents, have never listed or sold a property on social media, or for that matter, never listed or sold a property - at all.

In 2015 I became the first agent in Australia to successfully list and sell a property on the other side of the city all through using Facebook. What made this sale so unique was I had been building my profile online throughout 2013-2014. Long before paid promotions became a thing, and while people were still posting selfies of what they had for dinner opposed to combating the larger portals. I understood the value of self branding and pulling away from the major portals, long before it became cool to do so, let alone talk about it.

As my profile grew agents started reaching out to me to help them with their social media marketing. Since, we have now redirected our business to serve as a full marketing agency catering to all an agents social, digital, pr, print and education needs when it comes to branding and running a successful business.

What started as a side hustle in 2018 quickly turned into one of the countries most influential marketing agencies for the real estate industry which has now attracted close to 270 clients across 4 countries.

Since 2013 I have continually exceeded expectations and climbed the ladder to be a leader in the real estate industry when it comes to marketing and branding. To build and sustain a profile at the top of your game for 7 years is an incredible feat and for the first time, as I move into my 17th year in the industry, I'm really excited to hit the road early next year and bring my journey to you and show you how I did it in 2015, and how you can do it today.

Forget all the times to post and how much should I boost nonsense. Our training is getting down to the nitty gritty and diving into exactly how I made sale after sale in 2015 through to becoming the industries most influential marketing agency without all the mumbo jumbo.

I will show you how I took my side hustle & grew it while working full time to ultimately replace and exceed my full time salary.

If you are wanting to grow your results on social media in 2021 or are looking to get that side hustle out of the ground, this is one conference you won't want to miss.

Kicking off my road tour early Feb and beginning in Newcastle, our early bird tickets will go on sale next month. Numbers will be strictly limited due to covid so be sure to get in early to secure your spot.


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