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TikTok with 2 followers reaches over 1,200 people!

People ask me why I’m really pushing TikTok at the moment for real estate agents.

The main reason is, it’s starting to gain traction within the industry.

This past thursday (3 days ago) Samantha Richards started a new era as Principal of One Agency Richards Real Estate.

While having all social media bases covered, Sam also decided to embrace TikTok. No huge marketing budget, just hit record on the iPhone and off she goes.

I looked at Sam’s account this morning as I was scrolling through my own TikTok account and was impressed to see the 3 day old account had racked up over 1,200 views. Even more surprising is that currently it’s only myself and Sam's partner following the account.

This is yet again another reason why you can’t base results on likes & comments.

So, is this something jump up and down about?

Here's a screenshot of my own account. I've really only started to take TikTok seriously this year, and while I don't have a massive following, yet, you can see my videos are getting a decent response. Less than 200 followers, close to 500 likes on a video and over 2,000 views for these two in particular. The best part is THEY ARE FREE and both video audiences are 100% based in Australia.

How does this help an agent secure more deals?

If I was in a listing presentation against an agent who wasn't on TikTok, I'd simply ask an owner if they would mind missing out on over 2,000 people who wouldn't see the property on social media. Clearly, there's a demand for my content.

Agents need to remember, especially now, while we are facing restrictions and limitations in regards to inspections, that you really need a good digital strategy in place.

Owners EXPECT you to be across ALL social media, not just the channels you prefer. Owners also expect you to be promoting their biggest asset completely, not just as a backdrop for that perfect insta pic. Now more than ever, it’s essential that you are across every platform.

Some will perform better than others, however, with the recent results I’m seeing on TikTok and the first property in Australia to sell through TikTok that we covered last week, it’s only a matter of time before you are forced on there.

So get on it now while it’s free, and build your audience so you are owning that space in your local market.

For more information on how to get setup on TikTok, please get in touch.

Nic Fren.


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