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TurnKey 2021 - now online (tickets $50)

Due to the recent COVID outbreak, Aimee, Zoe, Jack and myself agreed it was the right thing to do to bring this event online.

This will now give more people the opportunity to tune in who may not have been able to make it to prior events.

It will also give our clients in other states and other countries the opportunity to jump on board and experience the conference as well.

We have adjusted ticket prices to $50 and plan on a few surprises to surface over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

It's going to be a jam packed, but fun morning where we will show you everything we know from;

  1. Building your digital database - both organically & through paid promotions

  2. How to capitalise on local community groups

  3. How to find out what your audience wants to know about - not what you think they do

  4. How to generate leads without picking up the phone

  5. How to best use your existing database to create targeted ad campaigns

  6. How social media marketing is combating the larger portals

  7. How to get more VPA for your social media marketing

  8. When to use social media strategically to get the most traction (times/days to post)

  9. The difference between the major portals and & social media marketing

  10. How to setup your social media marketing plan for the year

  11. What content works and what doesn’t

  12. Ads Ads Ads - NO MORE BOOSTING

  13. Business growth. What are your goals and how to achieve them

  14. How to implement systems and procedures to retain staff and grow your team

  15. How to prepare for a career upgrade

  16. Ongoing training and coaching and why that makes a difference

  17. How to prepare for interviews & how to engage candidates

  18. How to make your resume or position stand out outline

  19. How to build a personal brand & why that’s important

  20. What is a buyer agent and how can you use one to get more listing & sales

  21. How you can tap into the Sydney market

  22. Why building personal wealth from your income is important

  23. The common mistakes a lot of agents can make

  24. The power of your personal brand

  25. How to get what you want out of your career

To find out more or to book your ticket, please get in touch.


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