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What Ads should I be running on Facebook?

With so much information available, it can almost be too much. So I thought I would touch on my favourite top 3 that I use both in my sales career, for my current clients and for my own agency.

The number one thing to remember is there are a few different types of ads you can run. For now I just want to look at 3.

  1. Lead gen ads - to gather the viewers information

  2. Website visit ads

  3. Messaging ads

For now I’d like to look at the 3 I find most useful from my time as an agent, and also as a marketing agency business owner.


If you are trying to get leads (appraisals) the lead generation ad type is probably most effective. It will be more effective than print in that you can change the ad throughout the campaign if needed based on the results you are achieving.

We listen to what our marketplace is telling us/our clients and use that information when creating campaigns.

Michael Dooley, Founder of Pinnacle Online Marketing suggests maybe asking for a survey for what potential clients want. Mr Dooley suggests creating a survey ad asking what the audience want, in turn creating engagement and providing you with data. Mr Dooley suggests having a couple of different lead magnets.

For those who are looking at a small budget he suggests;

  1. A campaign ‘what would you like from your local agent?”

  2. Buyers guide to buying property in _______?

  3. The top 5 ways to add value into your property in 2021

Mr Fren encourages you to find what your marketplace wants to hear and put that in the caption with a scroll stopping image. You can ask the viewer for their details which will be submitted and available through your leads section in Facebook. Details such as name, number & email address. You could ask for more, such as a home address etc but I’d keep it to no more than three, and my experience has been they aren’t so willing to give a home address off the bat Mr Fren explains.

Website visit ads

Property Marketing

If it’s for a property. I’ve found a “visit website” ad is best.

You can see the ad results and how it’s performing at any time. The link clicks, reach & CPC.

These are great analytics which you can use in your weekly vendor reports.

You can also use a lead gen ad for pre market listings as well before you launch on the major portals. I like to do this for 2 reasons.

1) You know your enquiries are coming direct from socials

2) it’s a cheaper spend for an owner without the costs of a full marketing campaign.

This is a technique that really worked well for me to win the business. While other agents were coming in with a marketing campaign, often to the value of around $8,000 - $10,000, I often got the agency agreement signed by using my pre market strategy, with the intention of going to market in the following week or so. Showing past results gave my vendors confidence in the strategy and was my point of difference at the listing presentation.

Profile Marketing

If you are trying to raise your profile in the area, a “visit website” campaign is something I would most likely use. Again, I’d listen to my marketplace and push out content that my audience wanted to hear, not what I thought they wanted to hear. It’s certainly essential to showcase your success, but follow it up with VALUE to the viewer and how it impacts or benefits them.

Once you have people engaging with your content online, then it’s a good idea to switch your audience to a retargeted campaign.

Messaging ads

Mr Dooley explains messaging ads are a low cost, higher return lead generation ad type which is driving people through a lead magnet to message your business. As mentioned previously a lead magnet such as ‘ The top 5 ways of building $x amount of value in your property before sale’ is a great way to build engagement and curiosity.

To in turn exchange the piece of information with the consumers, a chatbot installed to qualify your potential sellers will be able to provide you with as many as 10 touch points in qualification. Most importantly, not taking people away from the platform. It is also favoured by the platforms to put your ad in front of the eyes of your potential clients and keep them there without directing them to another site.

If you would like more information on running ads on Facebook. Please reach out.

Paul Close

Bespoke Media Group

Public Relations


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