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What is TurnKey - 2021 & why should I attend?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

For the first time ever, Nic Fren, CEO of Bespoke Media Group is putting on a 4 hour conference for the modern day agent in Newcastle in February 2021.

The way we have done things has changed, as has the way we connect and engage with people and the way people expect to receive their information.

With everyone going online since the outbreak of COVID-19, you need to do more than just “be there”.

As the first agent to list & sell real estate on social media in Australia back in 2015, Nic Fren will be showing you everything from;

  1. Building your digital database - both organically & through paid promotions

  2. How to capitalise on local community groups

  3. How to find out what your audience wants to know about - not what you think they do

  4. How to generate leads without picking up the phone

  5. How to best use your existing database to create targeted ad campaigns

  6. How social media marketing is combating the larger portals

  7. How to get more VPA for your social media marketing

  8. When to use social media strategically to get the most traction (times/days to post)

  9. The difference between the major portals and & social media marketing

  10. How to setup your social media marketing plan for the year

  11. What content works and what doesn’t

  12. Ads Ads Ads - NO MORE BOOSTING

Digital marketing has now become the most cost effective way of marketing, building a brand and engaging with your clients. Something a newspaper or one way online portal cannot. With over 19 million Australians on their phones every day, we will show you how to turn posts into commission.

With the support of Aimee & Zoe Tink of Tink Recruitment & Jack Henderson of Henderson Advocacy, the trio will also be guiding you on;

  1. Business growth. What are your goals and how to achieve them

  2. How to implement systems and procedures to retain staff and grow your team

  3. How to prepare for a career upgrade

  4. Ongoing training and coaching and why that makes a difference

  5. How to prepare for interviews & how to engage candidates

  6. How to make your resume or position stand out outline

  7. How to build a personal brand & why that’s important

  8. What is a buyer agent and how can you use one to get more listing & sales

  9. How you can tap into the Sydney market

  10. Why building personal wealth from your income is important

  11. The common mistakes a lot of agents can make

  12. The power of your personal brand

  13. How to get what you want out of your career

All four presenters know a thing or two about hustling, building a personal brand and turning that brand into a business.

Aimee & Zoe Tink (sisters) came from Dubbo and built one of the largest property recruitment agencies in Sydney, before expanding into Queensland and Melbourne last year, all during a pandemic. Owning their business now for over 5 years, the sisters have worked from the ground up to build their brand with further expansion plans set for 2021.

Jack Henderson purchased his first property in Sydney’s eastern suburbs after working in the mining industry in his early years. Seeing the value in building his own personal wealth, Jack, aged 24 years old, now has a personal portfolio worth over $3,000,000 with plans to hit the $10,000,000 mark next year. Jack started his owner Buyer Advocacy in mid to late 2020 in Newcastle before rapidly expanding to Sydney to connect the link between the two cities to easier accommodate buyers and sellers in connecting them with property.

Nic Fren became the first real estate agent to list & sell property on Facebook back in 2015. Notching up 16 years in the industry next week, Nic has worked in every aspect of the business and spent the majority of his time as a sales agent in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Starting his company Bespoke Media Group three years ago, Nic has gone on to own the most influential marketing agency for real estate industry across Australia and New Zealand and has marketed over 3,000 properties on social media and has a clientele of high profile CEO’s & identities as clients.

The quartet live and breathe real estate with each having worked from the ground up to build their brands and used their business savvy to build high performing agencies.

This conference is must attend event for anyone looking to further progress their career or expand their business or team in 2021. Looking to get their branding out there and make an impact or market their profile or properties in a more “2021” way. Or simply want to get more listings and sales next year.

TurnKey is being held at the West Leagues Club on Feb 23rd and is a 4 hour event. You can book tickets on our website or contact Nic Fren on 0434 527 673 for more information.


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