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What seperates us - Our vision

Our vision

I entered the real estate industry as a prospector in January 2005 in a small suburb of Newcastle. Quickly rising through the ranks to become a stand-alone sales agent in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, I’ve seen first-hand the changes that have occurred when it comes to marketing and branding in that time. 

What worked in 2005 doesn't today. The industry as a whole embraced digital/ social media around 2016-17 and started to understand these platforms were to be taken seriously. Albeit some found themselves trying to understand the new features as more than a selfie showcase than a powerful tool when it came to marketing and selling properties. 

I had a great deal of success back in 2015 listing and selling property directly through social media without the need for the bigger portals. While these are still important of course, they are losing their relevance in 2020. Look at some of the current agents using the trends I set back in 2015 and achieving ridiculous results through their social media platforms. You don't have to look far to know who they are.

The problem that followed was that everyone got a Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn & Twitter account and spammed these pages with listings, sales and everything else that goes with our marketing. 

Is that a bad thing? No. 

However, it does make it harder now in 2020, going through what we have just been through with CV19 with everyone using socials as a tool to speak with their audience to really stand out.

Leading toour vision’. 

We have developed strategies and concepts that have proven effective in these online spaces to separate our clients from the day to day content that gets lost in the noise.

The very definition of Bespoke is “made for a particular customer or user”.

While many agencies out there can promote quick & cheap ads through integration, just how effective are they? 

Every single ad we promote is custom made an that’s what our agents and their vendors expect. While it is convenient to create an ad at a few clicks of a button, our setup will more than likely take you an extra 30 seconds to complete, but you will receive premium service, an ad that’s not the run of the mill and make you look like a superstar to your vendor. 

We don’t want to use that old “we are not the cheapest but we are not the most expensive” line on you because we are more expensive than most and most understand that good quality is going to cost more.

However, you can rest assured knowing that when you work with us, you are seen by more people, your content is engaged by more people and you will get more qualified leads and that’s the “bespoke” difference.  

To discuss your current marketing strategies, or to see what's possible please contact me today.

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management

0434 527 673


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