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Why are team events so important at the moment?

With lockdowns occurring overnight and staff sent home immediately, I’ve heard stories of some thriving while working at home and some really struggling. 

Yes, technology has made things easier but you cannot beat that face to face human interaction. 

Think about it, how often do you hear a sales agent on the phone prospecting who completely blows the call and everyone has a dig. Or the property manager copping a serve from a disgruntled tenant. We all have those moments that give us a little pep up in the office during our day to day to duties. We have all been there and we’ve all had those calls where we slam the phone down, probably say something

I can’t state here and the office who has heard the exchange burst out laughing at with you. 

But what about when an agent loses that listing they have worked so hard on, or the sale fell through, or an owner has given that block of 10 apartments to a competitor to manage. No zoom chat or phone call can ever replace a tap on the shoulder, a she’ll be right mate, you’ll get the next one shouted from across the room or the room we all have in the office where you can go and have a moment to yourself to refresh and re focus. 

"There is still huge value  and necessity in getting your team together for meetings, events, training and team bonding but the need to sit in an office to do your prospecting, reporting & day to day activities is not so important – as long as you are committed and organised when you are working elsewhere" - Marnie Beauchamp.

It’s for this reason that Bespoke Media Management has introduced a events division to the business and we have a brilliant events manager with decades of experience. 

When you think of events you probably think of a birthday party or awards night and while these are surely something we are looking to offer, for the time being we are looking at safe, respectful ways to hold events for our clients.

Anything from wine tasting, paintballing, cooking for the homeless, cruise around Sydney harbour on a Yacht, private paint and wine classes, kayaking – survivor challenge, Zoom trivia nights for the team or in a social setting plus loads more. 

The best part is, we will organise the whole thing for you. The food, transportation, airfares, entertainment and accomodation. Your only job is to come along and enjoy yourself.

We have been approached by business owners who are looking for ideas to bring their teams back together as we come out of lockdown. For some, they have spent two months away and not seen their colleagues, for others there have been minor rifts coming from what can be “lost in translation” that comes from emails and group chats. 

Now is the perfect time introduce & implement team bonding to your business. Culture is always at the forefront of any business and if you get that right the rest of your business should fall into place. 

To find out more about our events division please get in touch with us today. 

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management | Bespoke Prestige

0434 527 673


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