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Will agents Tech themselves out of a career?

Embrace technology, but don’t hang your entire prospecting strategy on it, warns one property marketing expert.

“Technology is great. It frees up time, allows us to streamline processes and helps give our clients a better experience,” said Bespoke Media Group’s chief executive, Nic Fren.

Mr Fren has often opined that agents who don’t embrace technology will be replaced. However, he also warns that agents who become complacent with their prospecting, falling for systems that promise to remove the task from their workload, may “tech themselves out of a career”.

“Agents today have so many opportunities and apps to outsource many day-to-day tasks, that I worry sometimes when I see agents relying too heavily on tech for prospecting and not thinking about the bigger picture,” he said.

“There are companies that will do your cold calling, others that will guarantee you 100 leads in 90 days and some that will book you appointments, where all you do is show up to the presentation.”

But Mr Fren urged agents not to forget that their expertise is perhaps the most valuable part of the equation for winning over prospective clients.

Companies and apps that outsource the system so thoroughly that your voice is nowhere to be found will hardly help you stand out, especially if others are doing the same.

“Hiring companies to constantly hound your marketplace with ‘are you selling’ or ‘would you like a price update’ is going to run its course and potentially turn people off you and your content,” he cautioned.

The secret, according to the marketer, is balance, and knowing what to make time for.

One important marketing tool that you should ensure offers your genuine voice is social media. “If you have 100 people on your social media channels, post one video a day with some advice, guidance, tips or market updates,” he advised.

“That one 30 second video, if seen by your 100 followers, is the equivalent of making 100 phone calls. Dedicate an hour each week to filming content and use platforms like Buffer to schedule them throughout the week.”

On the other hand, he also said it’s important not to forget the original purpose of your phone: to make calls. Make sure that you’re the one picking up the phone and talking to your marketplace, Mr Fren advised.

“No third party knows your prospective clients like you, nor will they be as passionate about it,” he reminded.

And he urged agents to remember that at the end of the day, there are no shortcuts.

“Real estate is a long game. The agents who I see doing really well are the ones using technology to enhance their clients’ experience, streamline processes and replace the day-to-day tasks so they can prospect, not rely on it for generating new business,” he said.

This article first appeared in REB

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