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You don’t need to be a social media guru, but you do need to call one

Let me fill you in on a little secret, in case you weren’t aware. People don’t actually like sales people calling them – mind blowing right.

It’s 2020 - no one wants to talk on the phone and especially with a real estate agent (unless you particularly need one at a certain point in time)

There are 3 people I speak with on the phone. Mum, Dad and occasionally the better half. For everyone else please feel free to choose an option:

* Facebook message me

* Instagram message me

* Snap me

* Tiktok me

* LinkedIn message me

* Voice memo a message to me

* Email me

And I suppose if all else fails send me…a text.

Times have changed and the way people communicate has also changed. It really amuse me when I hear agents doing call sessions and they will strap themselves down on the phone for hours and bombard people while they are busy going about their day and you wonder why it’s not working.

Yet, all the coaches will tell you have to hit the phones…it’s personal…etc, etc, etc. It’s also 2020.

People are more savvy now than they were 5 years ago before social media changed the game. That sale your competitor made on the weekend that you are calling Mrs Jones about first thing Monday morning. Well guess what, she knows. She follows him on Instagram and saw the pic Saturday afternoon.

Yet, you still keep picking up the phone for hours on end because that’s what the trainers have been drilling into you for years.

You were told (as was I) when socials first started to become a game changer that it was a disruption and a waste of time.

It’s been so ingrained in us that calls, emails, letters and sms’ are the fundamentals of marketing and branding.

We all want to be “seen” to have that “personable” touch, yet look at your socials. You neglect the very space that hands it to you on a platter. Are you putting in even a quarter of the time, money or respect into them as you are into other areas of your marketing?

I don’t pretend to be a social media guru, but I can tell you I’ve bloody worked hard, learnt it inside out and spent a fortune being the best I can be at it and it’s well and truly paid off over the past five years.

Social media doesn’t work! I love when clients say this to me. No, your social media doesn’t work. Best news is you can turn it around.

Within 1 year I took my business from a side hustle to one of the leading marketing agencies in the country with just under 210 offices under representation.

Not only have we done that but we are also changing the way the industry markets on these portals.

If it's time to get your social and digital marketing under control, please get in touch with me today.

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management | Bespoke Prestige | Stay With Frenz

0434 527 673


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