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Your competition is starting to take notice

It's an app for kids, my audience doesn't use TikTok, it's just a phase, it will pass.

I've heard every excuse under the sun as to why agents are not using TikTok to market property, and it could be to their detriment.

I've been promoting TikTok aggressively within the real estate industry over the past few months.


1) Because it's free

2) Because there's only a handful of agents using it properly in Australia

3) Because I don't want to wait until the penny drops and every starts using it and I have to catch up.

In 2012 I started using Facebook to promote property within the real estate industry and everyone told me back then it would never work. Fast forward 9 years, and not only did I become the first agent in the country to list and sell a property on Facebook in 2015, I put my money where my mouth is and sold my own investment property through Instagram, only 3 weeks ago.

Having studied this space for the past 6 years, I can feel when change is coming. Facebook, in my opinion, has done a lot of damage earlier this year when it put a ban on news being reported. Now, with speculation that Apple is planning to give Facebook competition with a new internal app, could we see the powerhouse, that is Facebook, really start to lose authority in the social media world.

According to , before Mark Zuckerberg tried to kill TikTok, he tried to own it.

This is telling of the growth and vision Mr Zuckerberg could see within the app many years prior.

The biggest misconceptions I hear are "it's an overseas app" or "it doesn't work in my area".

How would you know it doesn't work in your area if you have never tried it?

This screenshot shows the results of a video I posted on my own TikTok yesterday where it shows the 27 second was viewed 176 times and received 10 likes.

The great thing with these results is that the video was watched IN FULL by 71.43% of people (nearly 3/4).

The viewers who watched the video were 100% from Australia.

As you can see in the image, the video shows what $1,895,000 gets you in the current Sydney real estate market.

What happens if on your next listing appointment the owner asks you to promote their property on TikTok? What would you say?

Still not convinced?

Let's check out this video, posted 3 weeks ago.

Views: 2,545

Likes: 83

Comments: 21

Watched in full: almost 50%

Viewers came from: FYP

Audience: 93% from Australia

I understand that learning a new platform takes time.

I understand that you might not see relevance in the platform - just yet.

However, owners are starting to contact me, as are real estate agents throughout Australia, to learn how they can utilize the platform and get ahead of the competition.

You need to ensure that you are across the app. While you might think it's for people under 30, keep in mind that people under 30 are buying, selling and leasing property. They are pulling back off Facebook AND they actually speak with their family and friends.

People under 30 also grow up to become 35 & 40 year olds who sell property at some stage.

You might think it's irrelevant now, but what will you do if Facebook continues along its path in becoming irrelevant. What's your backup plan?

Written by Nic Fren

CEO & Founder

Bespoke Media Group


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