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Bespoke Media Group Celebrates It's 6th Year Anniversary

Celebrating its 6th anniversary, Bespoke Media Group stands as a paragon of success in the dynamic landscape of media and marketing.

From its modest origins sparked by a casual comment during a post-Christmas commute in 2018, the company has grown into a globally recognised entity, working with over 1,000 clients across eight countries.

CEO Nic Fren's journey from an undefined concept to a powerhouse in the industry reflects the strategic acumen and unwavering dedication that has defined Bespoke's trajectory.

The Unconventional Genesis

Nic Fren candidly reflects on the unexpected genesis of Bespoke, stating, "Bespoke was never supposed to take off the way it did." In its nascent stage, the company operated without a formal website, relying solely on an Instagram page and my industry connections.

This unorthodox approach, however, proved to be a catalyst for the company's early success.

Pivotal Moments and Entrepreneurial Resolve

The turning point came in July 2018 when Mr Fren, facing a strained professional relationship with a Principal, chose to redirect his focus entirely to Bespoke.

Departing from an unfavorable work environment, he states, "To this day, I've never looked back."

This marked the beginning of a journey fueled by entrepreneurial resolve and a determination to carve a unique space in the market.

Mr Fren's decision to forgo offers from other offices in favor of pursuing his own ambitions speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit that has defined Bespoke's trajectory. "I was tired of working my arse off to make my bosses rich, it was my turn" he says.

The absence of a clear business plan and the challenges of the initial years did not deter him. Instead, he embraced the uncertainties, learning from mistakes and evolving with a relentless commitment to the company's potential.

Overcoming Industry Skepticism and Operational Challenges

The early stages were not without their share of hurdles. Mr Fren's background as a licensed real estate agent raised skepticism among industry peers about his ability to manage the online presence of others.

"Sure, I was known as a gun on social media for my own career, but did that mean I could do the same for others?."

Manual processes and the lack of established systems demanded substantial time and effort.

However, Mr Fren's passion for the creative process and building a brand from scratch became the driving force behind Bespoke's development.

Acknowledging the challenges, Mr Fren notes, "I had no idea what Bespoke was capable of, and I made quite a few mistakes in the early years."

Yet, the commitment to the creative process and the invaluable experience gained during this period laid the groundwork for Bespoke's success and provided insights that continue to shape the company's trajectory.

Now in my late 30's, I don't think I'd have the time or more so the patience to build a new business from scratch when there are so many options out there.

"For instance, given the success of Bespoke Media Group we have now opened up our brand for other marketing entrepreneurs to license so they can use our brand and all that we've spent years creating and refining to build their own businesses. Simply plug into our brand and they have an instant, recognised credible name in the industry." he says.

Scaling and Innovating in a Dynamic Landscape

The launch of the Bespoke Agent Portal in February 2020 marked a significant milestone in Bespoke's evolution.

Originally conceived as a platform for efficient communication and training for a few hundred members, the portal gained traction, coinciding with the global lockdown.

Today, it stands as a testament to Bespoke's commitment to innovation, training, and industry leadership within the Australian and New Zealand real estate sector.

"If there's one thing I'm most proud of in my business it's my agent portal. There's nothing like it in the marketplace," he says.

Dispelling Myths and Charting National Recognition

Contrary to the perception of overnight success in 2020, Bespoke had been diligently working for 18 months prior, primarily known in Sydney.

National and international recognition followed as the company started gaining attention from media outlets.

This dispels the myth of instant success and underscores the importance of sustained effort, even when the spotlight is yet to encompass the entire spectrum of an enterprise's reach.

"I think this is a very important point to highlight as many people see the success, but not the blood, sweat & tears that go into getting a business out of the ground. Sure, it might look easy now, but that's because the hard works been done," he says.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom for Aspiring Business Owners

In imparting lessons from his entrepreneurial journey, Mr Fren emphasises the importance of hard work, strategic planning, and aligning oneself with mentors.

He encourages future business owners to approach entrepreneurship with a clear plan, engage with a business coach, treat people with respect, and maintain integrity.

It's going to be hard. You are going to work long hours but if you have a passion, then go for it.

But keep in mind, while passion is great, many startups (approx 70%) fail within the first 5 years in business.

You don't have to go it alone. In today's world you can still have your own business/brand while aligning yourself with someone else who can fast track your success. Look at some of the options out there. If I was to do it all again now, I'd certainly look at an offering such as ours where I can run my own business and let someone else do the heavy lifting of building the brand. Allowing me to focus solely on generating income.

Looking Ahead: Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Licensing

As Bespoke Media Group basks in its success, a unique opportunity arises for other marketing entrepreneurs.

The brand is now available for licensing, providing individuals with the chance to leverage the established credibility and recognition of Bespoke Media Group.

This innovative approach allows aspiring entrepreneurs to plug into a recognised, credible name in the industry, accelerating their own path to success.

"I'm really excited about our new licensing offering" says Mr Fren. "We are now able to put budding entrepreneurs into their own businesses and help them grow."

Bespoke Media Group's 6th anniversary is not just a celebration of years passed; it's a comprehensive narrative of strategic evolution, resilience, and industry leadership.

Nic Fren's journey from a simple comment during a commute to steering a globally recognised company serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In the realm of media and marketing, Bespoke Media Group stands as a beacon, proving that with passion, strategic planning, and unwavering commitment, a venture can transcend its humble beginnings and leave an indelible mark on the global stage.


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