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Bespoke Media - not just a social media agency

At Bespoke Media Group we are most popularly known for our award winning social media endeavors, but that's only scratching the surface of what we offer.

In the cutthroat world of real estate, agents and agencies are constantly seeking the edge that will propel them to new heights.

At Bespoke, we don't just understand the real estate game; we've mastered it. And, we work with those across all sectors of the industry from sales & property management agents, small offices to large networks, those starting out to seasoned agents and those within the finance, buyer agent, recruitment & law sectors.

Our portal stands alone in the industry and is a goldmine of invaluable resources designed to catapult your career to extraordinary heights.

It's not just a portal; it's your ticket to unparalleled success.

Let's take a look at the enticing treasures that await you when you become a part of the Bespoke Media Group community.

Discover the Diamond Mine of Real Estate Excellence

Prospecting: Success commences with prospecting. Our platform provides you with cutting-edge lead generation strategies and content that turn cold contacts into meaningful interactions, unlocking doors to unforeseen opportunities across social media ads, social media content, public relations, print marketing, email, and SMS marketing.

Marketing Updates: Stay ahead of the curve by staying updated on real-time marketing trends and strategies across various channels. From cutting-edge social media ads and engaging social media content to effective public relations, impactful print marketing, and targeted email and SMS marketing, our portal ensures that your marketing efforts are always on point.

Buyers: Decode the buyer's mindset. Gain insights into buyer behavior and provide tailored experiences that turn prospects into loyal clients.

Buyer Agents: Become a master in effectively representing buyers through specialised resources, building trust, and enhancing your negotiation skills across various marketing channels, including social media ads, social media content, public relations, print marketing, email marketing, and SMS marketing.

Strategy: Crafting a winning strategy is your secret weapon. Dive into our comprehensive collection of strategies, encompassing every aspect of the real estate landscape, including social media ads, social media content, public relations, print marketing, email marketing, and SMS marketing.

Lead Generation: Energise your business with a diverse range of lead generation strategies, spanning the spectrum from cutting-edge social media ads and engaging social media content to effective public relations, impactful print marketing, and attention-grabbing email and SMS marketing campaigns.

These methods are designed to capture the attention of various audiences, including the mobile user base.

Content Ideas: Keep your audience engaged with a cornucopia of content ideas for blogs, social media, and email marketing, ensuring your brand stays fresh and captivating.

How To: Practical guidance is your compass in the real estate labyrinth. Our "How To" section offers step-by-step instructions, from crafting compelling listing presentations, mastering your phone prospecting, forming relationships with media, to creating your own lead generation campaign in minutes.

Commercial: Delve into the world of commercial real estate with specialised content, strategies, and resources tailored to this unique market segment.

Done For You: Streamline your marketing efforts across various platforms with our "Done For You" resources. Access pre-written emails, letters, and pre-designed social media ad concepts to save time and enhance your marketing campaigns. Whether it's social media content, public relations, print marketing, or email and SMS marketing, we've got you covered.

Tech: Embrace cutting-edge technology with insights into the latest real estate tech trends, from CRM systems to virtual property tours.

Industry Awards: Elevate your credibility and reputation by learning how to pursue and win prestigious industry awards. We'll not only let you know when awards suited for you are taking submissions, we'll even help you write them. Having won countless awards in the past, we know what it takes when putting together a compelling submission. On top of that, we'll also

SMS Marketing: Unleash the power of SMS marketing with tips and strategies that tap into this potent marketing channel.

Strata: Navigate the intricate world of strata properties with comprehensive guides and marketing strategies.

Webinars: Stay at the forefront of industry knowledge with insightful webinars featuring industry experts.

Finance: We also work with those in the finance industry to run lead generation campaigns and create cutting edge marketing campaigns that produce results.

Tips: Gain an edge with a steady stream of tips and tricks, covering everything from time management, latest social media updates to productivity hacks.

Scripts & Dialogues: Communicate effectively with clients and prospects using our extensive library of scripts and dialogues. Unlike anything you will have seen before, we teach you how to turn your social media results, into winning scripts to get you in more doors and win more business.

Social Media Ad Ideas: Dominate the social media landscape with creative ad ideas and strategies tailored to various platforms.

Listing Presentation: Make a lasting impression with our captivating tools to slip into your listing presentation that we guarantee will make a lasting impression in your marketplace. Unlike anything you will have seen before, we work extensively to deliver tools for you to win more business.

Recruitment: Attract top talent and expand your team with our recruitment strategies.

Seasonal: Tailor your marketing efforts to the season with seasonal marketing ideas and tips.

Community marketing: Community marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of strategies and tactics that aim to engage and connect with an audience through various channels and platforms. This multifaceted approach includes leveraging social media ads, crafting compelling social media content, managing public relations efforts, executing print marketing campaigns, and harnessing the power of email and SMS marketing to foster a sense of community and interaction with the target audience.

Media: Take advantage of our media relationships to ensure you, your team or your properties are promoted far & wide. We've built the relationships to get your news out their to a local, state & national level.

Sales: Equip yourself with comprehensive resources for sales agents, from lead generation, marketing strategy & negotiation mastery.

Property Management: Optimise your property management skills for long-term success.

Commercial & Projects: Navigate the world of commercial projects with specialised resources designed for this market segment.


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