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Bespoke Media Team Up With Stockdale & Leggo With New Offering

Stockdale & Leggo has unveiled two in-house platforms to streamline marketing and administrative tasks for the professionals on its roster.

SL Marketing Hub, created exclusively for the network by Bespoke Media Group aims to reduce the number of tools and programs that the network’s members need in order to market themselves, their brand and generate leads.

Having everything readily available in the one platform, members can use the hub to access all the latest social, digital, email, SMS and print marketing collateral along with regular ongoing training and resources that provide them with the tools to create social media lead generation campaigns at a professional level.

SL Home, a product of Red HQ meanwhile, completely streamlines administrative tasks through one centralised portal, whereby each aspect of the property journey can be managed from start to finish – including tasks such as generating unique reports for vendors, and creating customised listings presentations.

The tech tools are spearheaded by CEO Charlotte Pascoe who seeks to establish platforms that, once members have adapted to, they can count on for the long term.

“The real estate industry’s recent inclination towards quick-fix solutions for achieving listings has led to a proliferation of platforms promising instantaneous success.

However, the gradual decline of such platforms highlights the inefficacy of short-term solutions in a complex market landscape,” the network said in a statement explaining why the leadership decided to create an in-house offering.

Pascoe explained that the brand has several aims in developing the tools, and ensured that they contain resources that span beyond immediate needs in order to adapt to changing market conditions.

“Lead generation is crucial, but equipping our agents for enduring success is our primary aim," she said.

"Marketing & lead generation is an ever changing landscape" says Mr Fren "and we spent a great deal of time ensuring the platform was not only relevant for today, but would continue to provide value in the future."

Alex Iannelli, Stockdale & Leggo’s marketing and franchise executive, commented that responses to the two tools, which have been rolling out since the beginning of the year, have so far been positive.

With SL Marketing Hub, Iannelli said she has already “noticed members getting more engagement on their social media content and I’ve heard some are getting great feedback from people they talk to given we’ve shaken up the traditional real estate approach where it’s always sell, sell, sell”.

Moreover, members are reporting increased efficiency as they adapt to SL Home.

“It ultimately means they’re saving hours in admin on each property, and providing a completely unique and technically advanced experience for their clients at the same time,” Iannelli said.

Impressed with the network’s transition to new tools, Iannelli commended the “eagerness from members to jump in and learn and grow”.

Original story published by REB


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