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Bespoke Media Group Expands RET Brand into the Indo Pacific with Real Estate Today - Indo | Pacific

Bespoke Media Group, the parent company behind the acclaimed Real Estate Today - New Zealand (RETNZ), proudly announces the expansion of the RET brand into the Indo Pacific region with the launch of Real Estate Today - Indo | Pacific (RETIP).

Since its inception in 2022 and subsequent official market debut in April 2023, the RET brand has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim.

According to Bespoke Media's Founder & CEO, Nic Fren, "It took on a life of its own almost instantly.

While there wasn't a publication in the country to service the industry, there certainly was an appetite for something exclusive for the real estate industry."

The decision to expand into the Indo Pacific was not initially on the agenda, as Mr. Fren explains, "Out of organic growth, the question had been raised a few times as to whether we would look to service other countries."

After consulting with Australian and New Zealand networks to gauge interest, as well as offices within the region, Mr. Fren received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Real Estate Today - Indo | Pacific will cater to the unique needs of the real estate industry in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Bali. "We may splash some content from Australia & New Zealand in there as well if there's an appetite for it as well from time to time," he says.

Mr. Fren notes that while the platform will differ somewhat from its sister site, Real Estate Today - New Zealand, it will be tailored to meet the distinct demands of the Indo Pacific region.

"It's a completely different ball game, and what works here in Australia is different from New Zealand. I know it will be different in these regions as well."

The first publication under RETIP is scheduled for release later this month, marking an exciting milestone for the RET brand. Mr. Fren expresses his enthusiasm for the brand's growth and anticipates exploring future opportunities with RETIP.


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