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'Bespoke Academy' to Transform Agent and Business Owner Success on a Global Scale

Off the back of the Real Estate Business Awards, where Bespoke Media Group were recognised as one of the top 10 trainers in Australia, we are thrilled to release our new latest game-changer mentorship program: the 'Bespoke Academy.'

This groundbreaking 90-day program is poised to redefine the landscape of agent and business owner empowerment worldwide.

The program has been designed using everything I've learnt over the past 12 years when it comes to building a real estate career online & reaching the top of your game.

"The Bespoke Academy represents a seismic shift in industry standards," declares Nic Fren, CEO of Bespoke Media Group, as he reveals the driving force behind this visionary initiative.

"I recognised a dire need for authentic coaching and comprehensive resources amidst a sea of cookie-cutter lead generation packages."

In a bold departure from conventional marketing approaches, the Bespoke Academy transcends boundaries to encompass every facet of business success.

"While others offer fragmented solutions, we provide a unified framework that empowers participants to excel in Sales, Property Management, Business Development, and beyond," explains Mr. Fren.

Central to the Bespoke Academy's ethos is a relentless pursuit of excellence. "Our program isn't just about ticking boxes," asserts Mr. Fren. "Participants undergo rigorous evaluation and testing, ensuring they possess the mastery needed to thrive in today's competitive marketplace."

Far more than a mere training program, the Bespoke Academy is a transformative journey into the psychology of marketing. "We equip our participants with a deep understanding of not just what they communicate, but why and how it resonates with their audience," reveals Mr. Fren.

Backed by nearly two decades of industry expertise, the Bespoke Academy sets an unrivaled standard for excellence.

"There's simply nothing else like it," Mr. Fren affirms confidently. "Our commitment to innovation and holistic development ensures the Bespoke Academy stands as a beacon of success in the global business community."

As the Bespoke Academy begins its rollout across Bespoke Media Group's extensive network, we invite you to speak with us if you are looking to enhance your presence in your marketplace.


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