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Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Every few years another platform comes out and every few years we have to spend time & money learning new platforms and building a new audience.

With so much instability surrounding social media platforms in recent times, one marketing agency has come up with a simple solution; start your own platform.

Bespoke Media Group’s chief executive Nic Fren is urging agents to start thinking about the day when some social media channels no longer produce the results they do today.

Acknowledging that social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, you want to be ahead of the curve and put plans in place, rather than wait for that day.

“Not everyone has the time, funds or patience to continually upgrade to new platforms and rebuild an audience from scratch every few years”, he says.

Mr Fren who started marketing property on Facebook 10 years ago says with the rising costs of advertising, constant algorithm changes and audiences leaving platforms like Facebook in the millions, prompted the firm's advancement in building their own channels to retain an audience, while continuing to capitalize on the platforms to grow their own channel.

"My audience is my database" he says. "Our goal is to start to move them over to our platform and have one super channel, encapsulating all the things that work on all other platforms and putting them into the one space, our space."

“The success of our agent portal is the direct line I have with my members”, says Mr Fren. “I don’t have to worry about algorithms, paid promotions, trolls, getting lost in the noise or glitches.

“We control the look and feel of our platform & we have 100% ownership over it”.

"Day to day social media marketing will be used to drive traffic back to our platform to grow our membership".

"We are preparing for that inevitable day when the major social media platforms become obsolete and we have a platform that we own to fall back on."

In just under two years the group has gone on to grow their membership to over 800 agents internationally. Our engagement rate is much higher given we have an extremely select group. Something we don’t necessarily see on social media platforms that are sprayed out to the masses.

The way people want to be communicated with today is different to 12 months ago. People seek out information and will follow leaders in a chosen area. We’ve redesigned our agent portal to suit agents who want to have stronger relationships with their marketplaces, and provide good quality content.

Looking back over the past 2 years, there’s been issue after issue with Meta (Facebook & Instagram’s parent company), so I knew it was important to have a backup plan in the event these pages shut down for good, or my audience moved away from them.

Whilst the agency has continued to be ahead of the curve when it comes to being on the trending platforms before they become popular, they acknowledge there comes a time when you want to be putting your time and energy into something you have total control over.

“Agents have a great advantage at the moment to utilize the channels now & build their own social media channel while these channels are still producing, '' says Mr Fren.

Given the success of the platform over the past 12 months particularly, we have our sights set on expanding into the recruitment and buyer agency space in 2023.

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Bespoke Media Group

Bespoke Media Group is an international social media marketing, training & education agency, providing agents the tools needed to be a success on social media.

With over 800 members across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, United States & the UK, find out why more agents are making the shift here

If you would like to discuss becoming a bespoke member and work with the best in industry when it comes to social media in the real estate industry, please reach out to Paul at

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Nic Fren

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Bespoke Media Group


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