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How TikTok Can Help Win You Listings

In real estate, having an edge over the competition is crucial.

With a new generation of home buyers entering the market, agents need to find ways to reach them in order to win listings and increase their business.

Enter TikTok—the most downloaded app worldwide in 2022. While not many agents are using it yet, leveraging this platform to attract a younger audience can help you get more views on your listings and win more business.

Why Agents Should Use TikTok for Real Estate

The primary benefit of using TikTok for real estate is that it has a massive potential reach. It's estimated that over 3 BILLION have downloaded the app, and users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on it. That kind of potential exposure is invaluable when it comes to getting your listings seen.

Another advantage of using TikTok for real estate is that it allows you to have fun with your content. Unlike other platforms like Instagram or Facebook, where you may feel pressured to maintain a certain level of professionalism, TikTok gives you the freedom to be creative and show off your personality.

This could give you an edge when it comes to winning listings—especially if you're targeting a younger demographic who may be more interested in seeing something light-hearted and fun than classic real estate photos or videos.

Finally, using TikTok for real estate provides you with another avenue for connecting with potential clients beyond just traditional methods such as print advertising or direct mailers.

Not only will this allow you to connect with potential clients in an organic way, but it also provides an opportunity for people who wouldn't otherwise know about your services to learn more about what you have to offer as an agent and how they can benefit from working with you.

TikTok claimed the crown as the most popular social media platform in the world in 2022,, making it a great tool for agents looking to expand their reach and gain new listings and audience.

By leveraging its massive user base, fun content formats, and ability to connect with potential clients organically, agents can get more visibility on their listings and stand out from their competition—ultimately helping them win more contracts in the process.

If used correctly, TikTok could become an invaluable asset for any real estate agent looking to stay ahead of the game!


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