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Melbourne seller has taken aim at real estate agents as he sells his property on social media

Describing real estate agents as shiny suited charlatans, Mr D'Souza goes onto say “Am I going to give all my money to someone who’s done six weeks of training? Or should I, as someone who’s done advertising for 20 years, take control of this?”

Mr D'Souza expressed “It only takes six weeks to get your real estate licence, I never understood it. There’s a whole facade about it too, especially with underquoting."

“Why would I give 30 or 40 grand to someone to sell my house? Do they even know the area? Who’s going to know the area or the house more than me?”

A Melbourne man has made the difficult decision to sell his home in Brunswick due to soaring interest rates & increasing mortgage repayments. However, rather than engage an agent, Brett D'Souza has decided to avoid coughing up thousands in fees and commissions to sell his three-bedroom Brunswick pad, in the inner city.

With a plan in the making since December, the comedian has been detailing a solid financial boost, but also with the hopes of returning to a rewarding career.

Purchased in 2011, Mr D'Souza bought the property for $700,000, and as outlined in the property video, has injected countless hours of hard work into its renovation.

“My whole heart is in this house. I don’t want to leave, I can’t afford it. But my son goes to school in Footscray, it’s a 25 minute drive, I can’t do it anymore,” he said.

Drawing on his 20 years experience in advertising and his filmmaking, the prowess to execute his multi-pronged project in the hopes will ultimately score him a contract with the ABC.

Already drawing support from Homesta who covered the and fees, which otherwise would have set the vendor back around $750.

Hoping that more sponsorships will pour through the door, Mr D'Souza is intending to rollout a series of videos and updates across Instagram, YouTube and a website that's been dedicated to the home.

According to Mr D'Souza "the goal is to make it a comedy show but an independent version of The Block,” “I’m going to try and add value to the house as I go along. So it’s $1.8 million at the moment … Why can’t I get a new fridge and new white goods in the house if I get enough views?

“I can make ads for brands or people that become involved because I’m a filmmaker, and I’m pretty good at it.”

Mr D’Souza will launch the project on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Campaign Brief – an advertising agency – all at once, then press forward with the roll out of his video series, Private Sale.

Mr D’Souza said the project would be the ‘greatest house sale this country’s ever seen’.

The trailer for the series dropped on Saturday and features Mr D’Souza explaining his motivation for taking the sale of his home on himself. “I’m going to have the greatest house sale this country’s ever seen,” he tells viewers.

A crew of actors will play out a host of issues in the real estate industry throughout the series, including well-known gripes with handymen and Baby Boomers.

The comedy series, which he will campaign the ABC to endorse, will ideally propel him into more fulfilling work.

“As much as it is about selling my house, it’s also about finding my career or deciding what I want to do when I grow up. I want to make stuff that is fun and makes people happy,” he said.

“I don’t want to make commercials, I hate it.”

Having dedicated all his money and time to the project, Mr D’Souza is well aware of the weight that his “punt” carries.


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