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So keen to get a start in real estate, candidate takes to Instagram

An aspirational real estate agent is taking a different approach to landing a job, posting a video on Instagram in the hope of catching the eye of an agency willing to take him on.

Sean Hickey is a Brisbane-based hotel guest service agent who has long dreamed of entering the real estate profession.

“It’s been a passion of mine for years,” he stated.

Having recently completed his certificate of registration, the enthusiastic agent reached out to Bespoke Media Management’s Nic Fren for assistance in finding work experience or a job.

“I was planning to print my CV and go door knocking,” Mr Hickey said.

“But Nic said I should stand out from the crowd and do something different to show how keen and determined I am.”

“Real estate is about putting yourself out there and showing your point of difference,” the marketing owner said.

“There is so much competition at the moment that you need to be doing more than simply hitting the ‘apply now’ button.”

Mr Hickey created a video “without missing a beat”, which was then uploaded by Bespoke to its Instagram page — with Mr Fren indicating it would be running a social media campaign in Mr Hickey’s location to help him in securing job interviews.

According to Mr Fren, the post has already gained traction within the industry.

“I’ve received countless messages from people eager to help Sean, whether it be for advice or to discuss opportunities,” he said, with One Agency Group and Ray White corporate reaching out to offer guidance and support.

Mr Hickey has since secured an interview with Windsor’s Pure Real Estate through the connection of Tink Recruitment.

Director of Tink Recruitment, Zoe Tink says “putting yourself out into the public via socials can be overwhelming, scary and there is always that hint in the back of your mind “what if people think of me in the wrong way? What if they make fun of me?”.

NEVER think this way, putting yourself out there for the world to see and show your personality and enthusiasm through socials is the way of the future. Good on Sean and anyone willing to show just how keen they are by thinking outside of the box, these are people you want within your business.

Raine & Horne CEO Andrew Brien also went to lengths to notify local network members of the video after seeing it himself, which has led to Raine & Horne Brisbane West’s Frank Ham offering to have Mr Hickey shadow one of his agents.

Written By Grace Ormsby

REB - Author

Written by Paul Close

Public Relations


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