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That thing he can't talk about, just yet - revealed

For those of you who already know Nic Fren, Director of Bespoke Media Management, you might be forgiven for not having heard him teasing the real estate industry about his new venture with the words “something new coming” or "that thing I can't talk about, just yet". For those of you who don't know Nic, watch this space.

A veteran in the real estate industry, having spent 16 years selling some of the most prestigious properties across Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, the agent turned marketing specialist has done what we've had a resounding and growing need for. He has developed an avenue within which we can easily streamline and systemise the design and booking of both print and digital/social media marketing, all in the one portal. Add to this the ability to produce and post articles, press releases and create submissions for editorial and you now have a one stop shop for all things marketing.

Mr Fren has advised that his new portal will be mobile which gives agents and marketing managers the flexibility to book, edit and produce marketing on the go, thus removing a lot of the need to be in the office. "It will free up time for the administrative teams to focus on the other dollar productive activities which need to be done daily, by effectively  decreasing the time it takes to get a listing live and to get agent approval for the marketing materials" he said. "Plus, it’s all on an app available on your phone" 

Bespoke Media Management is enjoying a period of celebration and well deserved acknowledgement within the Social Media marketing world, having been recognised by the Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia as one of the top 3 leading marketing agencies and influencers for the work they have done this year within the real estate industry and in particular for the agent portal they created & released earlier this year.

"Our portal played a pivotal role in keeping a lot of businesses operational during COVID" Mr Fren said "And we have expanded our offering now to include absolutely everything an agent could ever need from a marketing perspective. Property signboards, open home packs, listing kits, listing presentations, social media ads & content are all included in this new portal". 

Importantly though, everything is done in line with brand compliance through the app.

They have also focused on the agents ability to create a point of difference when presenting to a vendor, with these new developments to the portal allowing an agent to complete the entire marketing campaign whilst at the property, with a few simple clicks on the phone. This can assist in showing the owner the potential to market their home and provide a point of difference to your current appraisal process as well as having the entire print & social media campaign created in less time than it takes to order a coffee.

Written by Marnie Beauchamp & Nic Fren

To find out how more about Bespoke Media Management's new offering please contact Nic Fren on 0434 527 673 or


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