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The portal created by an agent, for agents.

A bespoke portal

Deemed by the Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia as one of the top 3 portals in the country in 2020, our portal has gone on to become one of the leading platforms in the real estate industry offering print marketing, social & digital ads, a content library, our online shop, a PR department, online and face to face coaching plus much more.

When offices were closed and everyone began working from home full time, our portal became instrumental in streamlining agents and agencies digital marketing as well as providing an avenue for clients to promote listings online and take advantage of our online shop, providing everything from copywriting to colouring in books for kids at open homes.

Our most popular feature is our content library. With all the images, templates and tiles an agent could ever need, that is branded, personalised and brand compliant.

Praised by marketing managers who have taken advantage of the system, it’s allowed larger offices or those separated to have equal access to all the tools and images across their networks, giving them more time to focus on other areas promoting their brand.

When creating the portal, I relied on my 15 years industry experience to draw on the pain points both marketing managers and agents have and did what we could to take those stresses away.

We appreciate the industry moves at a fast pace and people want things now and want it all in the one spot and that’s what we’ve been able to achieve.

Our portal which has also been described as “a virtual assistant in your back pocket” is the must have VA of 2021.


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