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TikTok sells Melbourne property

There’s a new real estate marketing tool in town, and it's sold a property in six days.

Melbourne-based agency Collings Real Estate has embraced social media as a tool to boost their business, and one of their triumphs has been a TikTok-advertised property sale.

Led by agent Spiros Vamvalis, the unconventional campaign saw the two-bedroom, one-bathroom Art Deco apartment at 1/240 Road in Prahran sell for $600,000 — up from the originally listed price guide of $500,000 to $550,000.

According to Mr Vamvalis, he is always on the lookout for fresh, new ways to promote properties.

“You always hope the videos are going to get people watching and sharing our content, and that has proven to be the case for the property on Punt Road, which is great,” he said.

Aimed at young buyers, the marketing video featured his colleague Fedja Bili and Melbourne actress Ellena Takos skateboarding while listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams and holding a glass of cranberry juice — inspired by one of 2020’s biggest social media videos that gave way to the globally known “Dreams Challenge”.

The original clip, hosted on TikTok, was filmed by US-based Nathan Apodaca, known in the social media platform as Doggface208.

Prior to the Dreams-influenced campaign, Collings had already released a number of other standout property marketing videos, leaning on the success of iconic films including American Psycho, Joker and James Bond.

Commending the group’s latest effort, Bespoke Media Group CEO Nic Fren said “it’s every element of social media marketing done right for real estate marketing”.

Mr Fren said: “It has all the elements of showcasing the property, while keeping up with the latest trends within that world. The riding of the skateboard while listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams and drinking juice is a viral trend, and clearly the algorithms picked up on it.”

Mr Fren expects the trend to catch on as social media activity shifts from the more traditional platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

“We need to accept there’s a new generation coming through, and they are not active on Facebook… so you need to make sure you are across everything. Be where your marketplace hangs out,” the CEO advised.

Mr Fren has previously described TikTok as an untapped method of marketing where agents can build their audience without much competition — yet.

“It’s free at the moment, so you have a great chance… at owning that space in the industry,” he said.

This article first appeared in REB

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