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TurnKey turns heads.

In a world of social distancing, people working from home and technology changing the way the real estate industry runs, a new breed of (digital mentors) have risen.

Aimee & Zoe Tink of Tink Recruitment, Nic Fren of Bespoke Media Group & Jack Henderson of Henderson Advocacy held one a day only conference this week, with a twist.

We had this idea to hold a never seen before conference and then COVID came back during the lead up so we had to pivot and take the day online. It turned out to be the best thing that could have happened, explains Nic Fren.

Keeping the traditional format but taking it online saw the mentors present on business growth, leadership, building and retaining your team, building a brand, social media marketing and why your digital footprint is so important in 2021.

The 4 mentors, none of which are born and bred eastern suburbs of Sydney, have made a mark within the industry with their personal and business brands, elevating them to industry leaders in their fields.

Feedback from one Sydney agent who attended the conference said “it was perfect and the guys nailed it”.

“I didn’t have to get on a train to the city or struggle to find time to park,” one agent said.

There was only one or two sessions I was particularly keen on so I could go straight to them, said another agent from Melbourne.

An agent who tuned in from New Zealand claims that it was the perfect setup. What was once scheduled as a 4 hour morning event was sent live at 8:30am on Tuesday Feb 23rd and was kept up for 24 hours. The fact it was optimized for mobile phone viewing meant I could watch it while I was at an open home waiting for buyers to arrive and I finished listening to the sessions while driving around during the day. It was a much more productive use of my day to get the information I wanted in a way that suited my day.

The sessions were short, but the execution was too the point. We wanted to add value to the viewers the Tink sisters said, not have them sit there bored for hours.

The day kicked off with the Flamingo loving Jack Henderson announcing TurnKey 2021 very exciting with co host Nic Fren opening it up with “let’s do it”.

Supported by industry leaders Bev Barnfather of Ladybird gifts speaks about Learning the Art of Strategic Gift Giving and how it should become part of your marketing for maximum ROI. Ming Johanson explaining the latest Facebook saga, why you should be across multiple platforms and how social media can impact mental health. Sue Moses of Video Confidence Coach discussing all things video. Why you need to be online, why video is so important and the steps you can take to get confident on camera and Lisa Novak shared her story on how she got started on social media and how she’s using it to help buyers and vendors get great results on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

A wrap video posted on Mr Frens Instagram last night hinted that this once off event, may in fact make a return in 2022.

The event, now closed, has been seen across The USA, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, China and New Zealand.

Written by the Public Relations Department

Bespoke Media Group


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