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we are not looking to change the game in 2022, we are going to create a new one

Having watched social media within the real estate industry for the past few years, and some of the great work agents are doing on these platforms, we are busily preparing to turn the real estate industry on its head when it comes to social media marketing in 2022.

The team at Bespoke and I have watched very carefully what's being going on in the social media space over the past few years, and drawing on my 9+ years experience marketing property on social media, we are not looking to “change the game” next year, we are going to create a new one.

We’ve noticed a shift in users leaving platforms in droves, such as Facebook, due to the negative press Facebook has had during this year, and due to users stating it’s become more of an advertising platform and quite simply, it’s no longer enjoyable.

We have been working behind the scenes with some of the best marketers across Australia, New Zealand & the USA to develop a strategy that not only works, but will elevate an agent's relevance in their marketplace, increase audience engagement & avoid the heavy reliance on the major real estate platforms to market property. Whether they be sales or leasing.

We’ve come up with a concept that will still allow you brand yourself, but in a different way, using platforms your audiences are already familiar with.

It’s our goal to reconnect agents with their marketplace & rise above all the noise that is currently social media.

This new strategy is exclusive to Bespoke Media Group members, and we are looking forward to kicking this off with our network in December.

If you would like to discuss becoming a Bespoke member, please reach out to Nic Fren on 0434 527 673 or email


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