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Why 100 leads in 90 days won't mean a thing if you can't build relationships

Sure, 100 leads in 90 days sounds like a dream, but it means nothing if you are unable to build and maintain relationships.

Something Bespoke Media Group's Nic Fren is starting to see creep into the industry, given all the technology that's readily available.

"In a digital world, it's easy enough to get leads. But it's what you do with those leads that counts," he says. "You can't simply automate yourself out of prospecting and lead nurturing, it just won't be effective down the road. Technology is there to help us, not remove our jobs completely."

There's a difference between a lead and a piece of data—a lead is someone who you reach out for your product or services with the intention of forming some kind of relationship with you.

Someone simply replying to your "Would you like a price update?" isn't interested in forming the same relationship.

That's where our portal comes in. We teach you what to do with that lead UNTIL they become a client, without the standard sale sale sale approach.

What sets us apart is our focus on relationships. We don't just want to sell you a product or service—we want to help you form lasting relationships with your clients. Here are just a few benefits of using our portal:

Improved communication with clients

We'll show you how to keep the lines of communication open so that your clients always feel comfortable reaching out to you.

Stronger relationships = better retention rates

By focusing on building strong relationships, you're more likely to retain clients long-term.

Increased referrals

When your clients are happy with their experience, they're more likely to refer others to you.

Higher quality leads

By taking the time to build relationships, you'll weed out the tire-kickers and time-wasters, leaving you with higher quality leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers.

If you're not servicing the leads your social campaigns are producing, you're missing out on potential revenue and growth for your business.

Our portal can help you turn leads into clients by teaching you how to build strong relationships—relationships that will result in repeat business and referral business down the line.

Written by Nic Fren


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