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Win a social media ad campaign by telling me a story

In our attempt to put the "social" back into social media, we are running a competition to see who can tell the best story when it comes to their property marketing & will be awarding the winner with a $50 social media ad in their local area with that story.

The goal is to separate marketing and advertising. To reinforce the understanding that the major portals and your website will do your selling for you & people who are on social media are there to be entertained & engage with content they want to know about. Not what we think they do.

Bringing emotive marketing to the platforms, other than ramming a listing down their throat using the same images and copy as on the portals and wondering why no one is engaging with you.

The winner will be announced in our Social Sunday bulletin tomorrow.

It's easy to nominate. Simply email will your story.

An example of the kind of ad we are looking for is something like this


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