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bespoke media group partners with One Agency in a strategic move to bring a turnkey solution

With COVID-19 changing many people’s priorities, One Agency has announced it’s now offering two new services to better meet business demand.

One Agency has unveiled the new additions to its turnkey solution, announcing allegiances with two external providers to bolster the network’s capabilities in trust accounting and compliance as well as social media marketing.

Think Cloud Solutions and Bespoke Media will both be lending their services to the network. According to One Agency founder and CEO Paul Davies, “a major obstacle that holds agents back from going out on their own is having to manage their own trust accounting and compliance.

We’ve solved that problem by establishing an alliance with Think Cloud Solutions, which can manage those crucial back-office tasks on behalf of the new business owner.”

He said the thought of handling social media can also overwhelm some agent, “so we’ve solved that problem, too, through an alliance with Bespoke Media, which can provide business owners with all the content they’d ever need”.

Think Cloud Solutions director Sonia Rahme acknowledges trust accounting can be “a tricky skill to master” — and a major source of stress for principals.

The partnership with One Agency will see licensees assisted to ensure their daily and monthly processes and reporting are compliant with legislation.

“Some real estate businesses don’t reconcile their accounts at the end of each month, which is a legal obligation in every state. Others carry the same mistakes over from month to month, because the accounting is done by a staff member who isn’t properly trained in that area. But when you use a trust accounting specialist, the job gets done properly,” she said.

The partnership with Bespoke Media will provide licensees with branded and compliant social media content, for both organic and paid social media campaigns.

Bespoke Media founder Nic Fren said the less time agents can spend on social media, the more time they can spend doing dollar-productive activities.

He said: “Creating content and doing social media is important, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. Agents need to focus on listing and selling, which is why outsourcing to a specialist just makes their lives so much easier.”

For Mr Davies, the new partnerships mean One Agency now offers “a complete turnkey solution” that better allows agents to focus on listing, selling and/or leasing.

The new services are a response to One Agency’s COVID-19 experience. Mr Davies said that the brand “had not only experienced an increase in enquiries, but had also been having different conversations”.

From his perspective, people’s priorities have changed.

“An increasing number of agents want to take control of their lives by starting their own businesses, but not be burdened with the responsibilities of handling essential but non-dollar-producing activities,” he said.

Written by Grace Ormsby of REB


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