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3 building blocks for any successful marketing plan

According to Nic Fren, an expert in real estate marketing, success for an agent hinges on just two essentials: a mobile phone and a well-defined marketing strategy.

While the first requirement may seem straightforward, its effectiveness lies in how the phone is utilised.

Creating the right strategy depends on various factors such as your business model, location,

and clientele.

Nevertheless, there are three fundamental principles that every agent can adhere to in order to ensure their marketing endeavors yield the desired outcomes.

1. Seek Expert Guidance: "Whether you're delving into social media management, digital document systems, or automating SMS and email campaigns, it's wise to consult with seasoned professionals in these domains," he suggests.

This approach tends to be more cost-effective and yields superior results compared to trying to handle everything in-house. Agents are advised to begin with a straightforward plan and gradually expand based on their capacity to invest in professional services.

"Commencing with a well-crafted social media strategy coupled with effective SMS and email outreach is a strong foundation for prospecting and branding," adds Mr. Fren. Quality is more important than quantity; it's better to have a few well-maintained channels than an overwhelming number.

2. Embrace Mobile Accessibility: "Given that people are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices, ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly will position you as a leader in the field," emphasises Mr. Fren. Making information easily accessible to users on their smartphones is paramount.

2. Plan for the Future: Crafting a tailored marketing strategy for your business necessitates a clear understanding of your present situation and your future aspirations.

"Consider whether you envision maintaining a traditional office setup or transitioning to a more digital or virtual agency."

Identifying your long-term goals provides direction for where to focus your efforts. For those with extensive experience, this includes reevaluating aspects that were once taken for granted.

"Will you continue with a full team or shift toward virtual assistants? Do you require a physical storefront, or should you invest more in digital strategies as you prepare to transition away from traditional setups?" prompts Mr. Fren. Remember, these changes require careful planning and time investment.

3. Act Swiftly: Mr. Fren underscores the inevitability of technological advancements in the real estate industry. "Change is coming, whether we embrace it or not," he asserts.

He cites the cautionary tales of large corporations like Blockbuster and Toys "R" Us that failed to adapt to evolving markets.

"For agents contemplating the future of their business, the time to take action is now," emphasizes the marketing specialist.

Preparing for the future involves initiating plans and strategies today, as complacency could spell eventual failure for your business.


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