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A rare Nugget was found in Sydney's West.

Honey Abs & Nuggets first selfie

On Monday April 15th local Greenacre man Honey Abs witnessed a live video on social media where it showed a small goat face down being beaten up & kicked.

"I was watching the live video but someone knew the man in the video and where they lived - Someone had posted the users Picton address in the comments" Mr Abs said.

"Sickened & disgusted by what went on I decided to go there myself".

Mr Abs arrived & looked for the goat. When he found her, it was with her 4 legs in heavy chains and her neck tied up again a wooden pole.

"when I saw her I immediately set her free" Mr Abs said.

"The owners came out to stop me I held her all the way to my car as u can see they did chop off her horns".

On Tuesday Mr Abs took the goat to the RSPCA for check-up & took her home and gave her the name Nugget.

"Nugget is the new love in my life. She has got an earring now she has put on 1.19 kg so far & that’s very good. I already have this connection with her that I can’t live without her, she is my new best friend".

Nugget now has a different life to what she had on Monday night. Already a hit in the parks and getting stopped by local celebrities for selfies she even has her own Instagram account so be sure to follow her and her journey.

Nugget is sure to be an Instagram sensation.

Weeks after the tragedy that occurred in Christchurch authorities are still trying to come up with a solution to ban violent videos being shared on social media live streaming.

The matter has been reported to local authorities for a full investigation.

Nic Fren

Bespoke Media Management


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