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Agents warned to get off the phone

In recent times, the trend of live social media streaming videos has been on the rise among agents and auctioneers who are keen on providing updates on their open home numbers or clearance rates.

However, this practice has been met with a stern warning from Bespoke Media’s CEO, Nic Fren, who has expressed his concern over the illegal nature of this activity.

Mr. Fren has highlighted that some agents are not only live streaming while driving, but they are also actively responding to comments and reading them while behind the wheel.

This type of behavior is not only illegal, but it poses a significant distraction risk to both the driver and other road users.

According to law, if an individual is live on social media and driving, it is considered an offense. This is due to the fact that the driver is taking their eyes off the road and risking their safety and the safety of others.

Just because your favorite influencer, coach, auctioneer or agent is doing it, doesn't mean it's right, or legal.

While some may feel the need to provide real-time updates to their followers, Mr Fren emphasizes the importance of waiting until the car has been turned off before engaging in any live streaming activities.

"Nothing that I've seen over the weekend was so important that it couldn't have waited for a mere 10 minutes", he says.

It is essential for agents to keep their focus on the road and avoid the temptation of live streaming while driving. The safety of all road users should always be a top priority, and this practice could result in serious consequences.


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