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TikTok becomes the most popular website in the world!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Agents, to jump over to TikTok or face social media extinction, says CEO.

In breaking news, TikTok has outperformed Google as the most popular website in 2021, according to Cloudflare and dethroned Facebook as the most popular social media channel.

TikTok, which early last year was "only ranked #7 or #8" on Cloudflare's list, climbed the ranks to nab the no. 1 spot, according to the company. Even CBS has backed up these claims.

I'm not surprised says Bespoke Media Group's CEO, Nic Fren. We have been prepping our members & the real estate industry for this day, for over a year now.

In 2021, Nic Fren was ranked #2 in Australia & New Zealand, at the Annual Social Media Marketing Institute Awards, for the work he’s done on the platform.

Placing second to the University of New South New Wales. In addition to being crowned the most popular domain,TikTok also overtook Facebook as the most popular social media website. Instagram wasn’t even mentioned.

I've seen the writing on the wall for a long time, says Mr Fren. Platforms like Facebook & Instagram, while still hugely popular, are losing the younger generation. We need to be mindful that the younger generation are growing up and buying, selling & leasing property as well.

What does this mean for agents, and what can we learn from it?

There’s been a very clear swing away from the dominating platforms such as Facebook & Instagram & it needs to be taken as a warning to agents, not currently on the platform.

On Friday night, Mr Fren uploaded a video to TikTok (screenshot above) and it's had over 1,800 views, and over 500 people have engaged with the video, in less than 48 hours.

Now that these users have been captured in the algorithms, future content will continue to show up on their For You Page.

These are some of the best "organic" results I've seen from any platform in a long time, Mr Fren says. It's such a clean airspace at the moment and isn't flooded with agents. This gives agent a great opportunity to become the leader in their area, on this space.

One thing to keep in mind however, is to remember social media platforms are, in the very name, a social space.

Viewers are tuning out due to the constant “sales” content and the never ending “look at me” self promotion.

They are there to be entertained, not watch you boast about simply doing your job. We need to remember to put out content that viewers want to see, not what we think they do.

With more than 3 billion downloads of the app since inception, I expect to see TikTok grow even further throughout Australia & New Zealand, Mr Fren said.

So, how can an agent migrate over to this platform?

First thing, what you are posting on your pages isn’t going to hit the same mark on TikTok. It’s a different platform so different rules apply.

You are not going to win on the platform by simply posting a generic video and dropping $20 on a boost. It doesn’t work like that. Similarly to the other pages, algorithms come into play, but you need to remember why people are leaving the other platforms.

It’s also a great opportunity to try different content styles. The best part is, while you are building a new new audience, you can play around with different styles, without the ridicule.

If you aren’t already on TikTok, you are already behind the times, Mr Fren says. If you don’t get on TikTok soon, you are going to become extinct.

Public Relations

Bespoke Media Group

Nic has been marketing real estate on social media for over a decade. If you would like some help when it comes to content, education or training in this space, please reach out to him on 0434 527 673 or


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