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Bespoke Media Management - Nominated for 7 awards.

In just under a year since this social media marketing business started making waves in the real estate industry, Bespoke Media Management has just been nominated for seven awards at this year's Social Media Marketing Awards. 

We are proud of the work we have done so far in the real estate community & are extremely grateful to be nominated for:

- Social Media Marketer of the Year

- Best Emerging Social Media Marketer of the Year

- Best Small Social Media Agency of the Year

- Best Social Media Agency of the Year

- Most Innovative Use of Social Media

- Best Use of Facebook

- Best Use of Instagram

Proudly presented by the Social Media Marketing Institute, the Social Media Marketing Awards (SMMA) honours and recognises those individuals, teams, agencies and organisations, for achievements in social media marketing and celebrate excellence and achievement. It is also an important way to promote best practice in social media marketing.  

"I am extremely proud of the whole Bespoke Team. If it wasn't for their hard work we wouldn't have received these nominations," said Founder Nic Fren.

"Bespoke Media Management focuses on delivering the best results for all of our clients no matter how small your business is or what your budget is. The Bespoke team is there to share their knowledge of the fast ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and ensuring every client is getting maximum exposure with every dollar" explains Nic.

"Bespoke Media Management was created out of my passion for the digital marketing landscape. I saw a need for this business while in my real estate agent years and I was right. We have been so pleased to see one or two of our clients go onto rank in the Top 100 agents at this years REB awards & watching the profiles of all our agents & agencies grow."

Andrew Tuck, Bespoke Media Management's Marketing Manager said "We have grown the business so much over the past year and a half and I look forward to what the future brings us." 

The Social Media Marketing Awards are held on the 15th August 2019.


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