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How are you going to market to me?

Years ago, you could put an ad on TV or radio. Put something in the local paper or magazine or the old real estate method of letter box drops. 

While that worked well for long time you do have to ask - is it still relevant today?

I'll use myself as a case study. 

For those of you who don't know me I'm a 34 year old guy in the real estate industry & live in a secure building in Elizabeth Bay. I have a pretty active lifestyle and always on the go.

So, let’s say you're I don't know, a real estate agent and I have a property I was thinking about selling. Lets look at some traditional marketing methods to see if they are still effective.


I live in a secure building. No swipe? No access to my building so your letter box drops are not getting to me. 


After a long day the last thing I want to do is come home and watch ads during a show. If I'm watching regular TV and not something I've prerecorded than I'm probably cooking dinner or doing the washing during the commercials & that's IF I'm even spending the night at home. So, your TV ads aren't getting to me.


So, my drive to work is roughly 10 minutes & I spend quite a lot of time in the car throughout the day. If I'm not listening to the latest training podcast I'd more than likely be on Spotify listening to music - that's provided I'm not on the phone which is probably more accurate. So even on the ODD chance I may have the radio on you literally have a few minutes in the day to get your message to me. So, your radio ads are probably not getting to me. 


Like most people in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney I sometimes/sometimes not get the Wentworth Courier delivered. That's if the doors left open and someone can get in to drop them in otherwise - well I don't know where they go & as for newspapers I can't remember the last time I bought a paper and I'm pretty sure a lot of my friends have NEVER bought a newspaper. So, your print media isn't getting to me. 

Ok, so by now you're probably asking ok, what gets to you! 

Like most people I grab my phone as soon as I wake up and start scrolling through Facebook & Instagram! 

For any major news that I need to know you can be sure that the news pages have plastered it in boosted posts all over Facebook. I can click the link and read the article and there's usually a video to go along with it - so that's how most people are getting their news these days - it's honestly true! 

Now let's forget I'm a real estate agent myself and tracking the local market daily to see what's going on. 

By local agents continually posting content and using hashtags, checking in, showing pics of buildings or locations I know resonates with me & by engaging with their content the algorithms of such pages keep this agent continually popping up on my feed. 

I can name one or two agents in the area that if I wasn't an agent I would use to sell my property because I see their results almost daily opposed to the rest of the agents in the area. This doesn't mean they are the best performing agent, it just means their marketing is in front of me. 

Once that agent has my attention than I start taking notice of their results, click on their website to check them out and maybe even attend an open home. Once you go to an open home and mention you have something to sell, well we know what happens there.

The agents marketing has done its job. 

You could be spending thousands on print marketing that looks good but it's not getting to me and it may not get you my listing. 

This isn't a knock-on print media by any means. All aspects of marketing have their place in society and demographics. 

This is purely to encourage you to consider what you are doing online and what you could be doing better. 

Are you looking to increase your social/digital channels?

Check out our Instagram page and shoot us a message and lets talk.


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