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If you're not obsessed with Facebook & Instagram marketing you WILL lose.

"I'd rather be buck naked in bed and push a button" Gary Vaynerchuk"

So I watched a video of Gary's this morning and the message was pretty simple.

If you're not completely obsessed with Facebook and Instagram marketing, you will lose.

Off the top of my head I can think of around 8 big companies that just didn't move with the times or are fighting to keep themselves alive in 2019.

  1. Blockbuster vs Netflix.

  2. Toys R Us vs Amazon.

  3. Cabs vs Uber.

  4. Every CD shop ever vs Spotify.

  5. Kodak vs online photo sharing.

  6. Yahoo vs Google & Facebook.

  7. MySpace vs Facebook.

  8. Cinemas vs Netflix.

While many of these companies were massive in their day the one thing they didn't look at was a changing market or a shift in what the "customer" deemed to be "the customer experience" or where the customer now hangs out. I love hearing the comments "my products not a social media product or my clients not on social media". Is your client still living in the 1930s are they? I have news for you. You will be joining the above list. Your client lives on their smart phone ok. Case closed.

2005 - you would go to the video store flick through all the vids and grab the one you wanted, maybe even some colored popcorn on the way out.

2019 - laying buck naked in bed and pushing a button and having the movie of your choice come on. No driving out in the rain, no disappointment when the movie you want is rented and come on at 34 years old we don't need any extra sugar to burn off.

Blockbuster is just one of the casualties from innovation and technology and it's not alone.

With people these days owning at minimum a smartphone AND a tablet AND a computer you are going to be out of the race if you are not where your customer is or giving them the experience THEY want.

Moral to the story in Gary's words " if you are not completely obsessed Facebook & Instagram marketing, you will lose.

Thanks for reading till the end 😊😊.

I know this is boring as batshit to some but it's a passion of mine.



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