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It's time to be thinking "Spring"

So, it’s about 12 degrees here on July 18th 2018 at 7:00am.

Why on earth would I be writing about spring which is 6 weeks away?

I mean, can you believe in this weather it’s only around 6 weeks until we start making our weekend pilgrimage to the beach again?

The answer is very simple.

You have 6 weeks before the traditional spring season kicks off in real estate.

This means over the next 6 weeks owners will be starting to decide (if they haven’t already) who they will use to sell their property.

A well-known business coach taught me along time ago “where do your customers hang out before they need you”. Today social media is certainly a place people chill out for long periods of time, so you probably want to visit.

Many years ago, I did a spring campaign with my sales team and our goal was a certain number of listings to kick off what we called “Our Spring Campaign”. We started around the beginning of May and the focus was LISTINGS. Our sales agents had one goal in mind and that was to list as much as we could for the spring market.

This was backed by a marketing campaign I created. We absolutely smashed our farm area with DL letter box drops, promotional signboards at key locations, a heavy social media & marketing campaign adding all the benefits of getting your home prepared for spring. Specially crafted eDM's to our database, mail merges and of course a coffee cart on our launch day.

Now is the best time to strike to set you up for the remainder of 2018. Activity breeds activity and by hustling now & going hard NOW this will give you all the tools you need to have a successful finish.

The success of my Spring Campaign 3 years ago was something bigger than I predicted it would be and it just worked. It was a carefully crafted plan and was executed beautifully. We put out great content to our clients, our promotional material was second to none and our online presence was impressive. With that one goal in mind and the marketing supporting our agents it took our presence to the market place up a step.

If you want to have a strong finish to an interesting year in real estate, get in touch today and lets setup a time to get together with your team to make this happen.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Nic Fren

0434 527 673


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