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No one gives a fuck about your Rolex

Ok we all know that video is the best performing content you can put on social media & I’ve read a lot recently about the do’s & don’ts of what to put out there.

Video marketing is a great way for real estate agents to connect with their audience and show the real them.

But not everyone has the time, budget or desire to get in front of the camera. So today I wanted to run through some of the do’s & don’ts about videos on social media, content ideas you can use as well as some of the best apps which can help make good quality videos in a matter of minutes.

Professional or Personal?

This is one that comes up all the time. Should I get a professional video done or should I do it myself?

The answer – whatever you feel comfortable doing. There’s no right or wrong here. I’d rather see you do something than nothing at all.

Years ago when I started doing little market updates, sneak peaks at upcoming listings & property videos I found they were getting 3 times the amount of views & engagement online than colleagues who were spending hundreds of dollars for a lot less return.

Yes, I’ve done the professional videos and I can certainly afford to regularly produce professional videos however I decided that my short (no longer than 59 second) videos stay the way they are.

Why? I have the option to choose between a video for let’s say $300 - $400 to produce and pop up on social and hope it engages well or put that spend into other areas of my marketing such as social media ads to push my branding out there to more people. While the argument that it might not look professional is quickly lost with the response in that we are producing more content videos, without the fluff with a clear message and are consistently on peoples newsfeeds & stories.

The results? more clients, more business & more income.

Do’s & Don’ts

Guys, no one gives a fuck about your Rolex ok. It might be hard to hear but consumers also couldn’t care less about the Audi you drive let alone wanting to see the emblem on the steering wheel. We all get dressed in the morning so seeing you putting on a shirt with your cufflinks is not making you a superhero out there saving the world.

I’ve seen some real shockers over time & I’ve seen some great ones.

The hard-working mum or dad who goes out there every day facing the grind and making peoples biggest dreams come true are a fav of mine. Add in a few clips of hanging out with the kids at the beach or park and you are onto a winner.

Not everyone wants to be on camera.

I’ll admit I was shy to start with (yes hard to believe – but it’s true)

I’d always struggled with my appearance and I thought I sounded like Fran Drescher from “The Nanny” on film. I was dragged into it, stuffed up a lot and got better at it as i went along. I used to speak really fast which is something I have worked on over the years. It was ok when we were all doing 2-3-minute vids but with the introduction of Instagram 59 second cut off and stories around 10 seconds it can be difficult to get in and out of a topic in that time so you learn to adjust and cut out the fluff pieces and get straight to it.

For those not comfortable on camera there’s always slide shows you can do with a voiceover perhaps or have someone else in your office do the voice over for you. Add a little text and some music to it and boom you have a video.

So, you have decided which style you want your videos to take but now what do you talk about?

There’s heeeeeeeeeeaps of content an agent can use:

· Preview listings

· Open homes

· Market updates

· Just listed/sold

· Property management tips

· Styling tips

· Painting tips

· Finance updates

· Suburb updates

· Business highlights

· Before and afters

· Recruitment

· Leased

· Competitions

· Staff profiles

· Etc etc etc

I could go on but I don’t want to talk myself out of a job :-)

You can see that there’s a great selection of topics to choose from and by choosing one or two and getting good at them will really improve the quality and content in your videos.

Not everyone has the budget for a professional video and not every circumstance needs one. There’s a range of different apps you can use which can be purchased from iTunes. I only know the iPhone one’s sorry guys, maybe you can give me feedback on others.

Every iPhone comes with iMovie and that has its own video creator. It has a few music tracks, some basic text options & some cool features to create a social media worthy video.

If you want to get a bit experimental than my top apps would be:

· Canva

· Power Point

· Adobe Sparks

· Quik

At the end of the day BE YOURSELF. Be on camera the person you are walking down the street.

If you would like to discuss your social media marketing please get in touch with us today.


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