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Put this in your backpocket

It’s been a long and bumpy journey over the past eight months but our new Agent Portal has arrived!!

I wanted to create a system that embraced all elements of social/digital marketing, print marketing, public relations, training and branding that we noticed was lacking in the real estate industry.

I found a disconnect between print, social/digital marketing and public relations. The feedback we received was that you want to do everything in the one place.

Our new agent portal will allow you to have a virtual personal assistant in your back pocket.

This has been designed by an agent for an agent as well as the marketing manager who wants to strangle their agents every single day. I know you want it NOW; I know you don’t want to know about it as long as it gets done and most of all I know you want it to be easy to use.

Marketing managers, business owners and CEO’s – we know the headaches that your agents and network give you when it comes to the content going out that’s off brand or basically, just looks shit (I’ve had my share of meetings and phone calls from head office in the past)

I also know from an agent's point of view how they want to market themselves to their marketplace and how headoffice can be difficult to work with and we believe we have the answer to keep both sides happy.

Our new portal is the first of its kind and covers all elements of marketing and branding in the one place. It is a must have for all agents, business owners, and franchise groups looking to streamline their marketing, dominate the digital space while still using traditional marketing and branding themselves.

We have a variety of memberships for any budget ranging from $50 per month up to $3000 per month. I wanted to make this accessible to EVERYONE. No matter what level you are at in your career, business or franchise we will have a membership that suits your needs or can customize one to suit your requirements.

To join us simply SMS or reply to this email with “Join” to 0434527673 with your name, email and name of office and we will be in touch.

I hope you love it as much as I do and I look forward to working with you.

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management | Bespoke Prestige | Stay With Frenz

0434 527 673


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