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Social Media In Real Estate Today

We recently wrote an article “How are you going to market to me” which was very well received, and we hope to show different marketing methods relevant in today's society across a wide range of industries over the coming months. 

Andrew Tuck recently teamed up with some young social media gurus to see what they have found works for them on social media and to share some of their own insights.

Tiana Walsh – Laing & Simmons Potts Point - Sales Marketing Manager

Helen Tran - Wechat Marketing Specialist – Hello Social

Nic Fren – Cobden & Hayson - Residential Sales Agent

What made you start to do social media marketing?

Tiana - I actively use social media on a daily basis as an opportunity to engage with people. Social media influences consumer decisions. When it comes time to make purchasing decisions, consumers are consulting with their friends and families through social media platforms and in order to increase brand awareness and stay up to date, I joined the social media trend.

Helen - It was free and I knew it has ROI (return on investment).

Nic – I didn’t have a huge marketing budget when starting out and Facebook was free (at the time) so I really pushed that. I’ll admit I wasn’t very good at it when I first started out.

What channels have you found perform best online?

Tiana – Instagram & Twitter

Helen – LinkedIn & Instagram

Nic – Instagram & Facebook

What kind of posts typically perform best?

Tiana - I wouldn’t say any particular posts perform better than others. What I have found is your posts perform differently dependent on the time of day you post.

Helen – 1. Video is the flavor of 2018 and moving forward

           2. Lists

            3. Currently trending news

Nic -  I love my sold posts with the signboard but puppies.... always have puppies. It’s funny though, some posts that you think will do really well completely fail and others do well. I’ve learnt that it depends on the timing and knowing your audience & what they like.

How often do you post?

Tiana - I try and post daily. I choose to post only once a day as I have personally found saturating your social media feeds with continual posts detracts from one another. Clients do not engage with our material as frequently. 

Helen - At min. one post a day and at most 4 times a day (some days I go overboard as I like to over share content.

Nic – Minimum once every second day but I try to get something out everyday on all channels. I’ve found that insta stories is beating posting on Instagram lately with more engagement coming from that.

Do you boost your content & why?

Tiana - Not all my content is boosted. The content that I do choose to boost is influenced by what I am posting. I boost what I think consumers would like to see, will find most beneficial and enjoy. The direction for my social media platforms is based on variety. Providing content that is relevant and useful to existing and prospective clients, as well as posting fun, light-hearted and interactive content are the key factors to my social media presence. Social media is a two-way street, and continued commitment will be enhanced by active participation.

Helen - Yes, that’s how you’re seen by new audiences or your targeted audiences.

Nic – I boost most content. I like that I can control where my content is being placed and reaching a wider audience than just my followers. I think consistency is good so I generally stick with a regular formula.

How do you compare social/digital marketing to traditional marketing?

Tiana - I don’t think you can compare. Both avenues of marketing have a different target audience and you limit your exposure if you choose one over the other. They both have a purpose.

Helen  - I’d practice both as I believe each has their purpose. And go hard on what is effective and working keeping in mind the marketing budget.

Nic – I think you need to cover all bases with any kind of marketing. I still use traditional methods however I know that the social/digital space is where it’s at now so I do tend to put a lot more focus in those areas. I like how targeted social media can be and being able to see the reports of who is seeing my content, where they live etc.

Who manages your accounts – Personally or outsourced

 Tiana - I do, and I will continue to do so. I have continually committed my time and effort into my social media platforms. Consistent participation is absolutely necessary for success and it takes time to build loyal dedicated followers whilst still maintaining your reputation and professionalism.

Helen - Personally, for now.

Nic – Bespoke Media Management of course lol. However, I run my business pages with my marketing manager. My name is my brand and whilst I have a strong hand in what content goes out, I don't always have the time to run my pages effectively so do require some guidance.

What advice would you give those who are in real estate but not using social media?

Tiana - Your ability to influence existing and prospective clients depends on two factors: your credibility and your reach. A strong, professional and engaging social media presence adds to your credibility. Your reach can expand beyond the number of followers and connections you have as they share your content and services within their groups. With nearly half of the world’s population using social media platforms, they’re a natural place to reach and target new clients, so why wouldn’t you use them?

 Helen - Do it, it’s almost free or lose out.

 Nic – DO IT!!! Because your competitors are. Just do it better

Thank you Tiana, Helen & Nic for your insights on how you run your social media. I trust our readers will gain some valuable information from you all.

If you have a business you would like to showcase please contact us today to be featured in our upcoming industry spotlight.


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