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Understanding Social Media Insights

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

It's interesting when speaking with people just how they determine their social media success.

I was once guilty of believing that the be all and end all was on how many followers I had and how many likes & comments each post got.

While that certainly is a good indication I did start to take notice of my reach & detailed insights to help me create better content and pin point when to post and how to target a specific audience (more on those later)

What is reach?

Reach refers to the total number of unique users who saw a piece of your content. You can compare your monthly reach to your social community size to better understand how you’re connecting to your audience and if your community is actively engaging on a regular basis.

For example, if your post has a reach of 50 people and your brand has a community of 100 people, your post reached 50% of your community. You can also improve your reach by creating share-worthy content so that your social followers share your content with their followers, expanding the number of people you are able to touch with your messaging.

Growing your reach impacts brand awareness by introducing your brand to groups of people that may not yet know who you are.


Let's look at our own LinkedIn account. Here we see that we have 274 connections.

We did a post a few days later introducing our owner Nic Fren after our website had gone live. What might be difficult to see is that this post received 11 likes & 4 comments. While that isn't bad engagement for a profile with 275 followers (yes we gained one in that time) what really excites me is that our views are at 915.

Like any business we monitor the overall success of our marketing. We have found that our likes & comments across our forums are increasing as is our reach. The exciting thing about that is that our brand is out there, reaching more people giving us a stronger presence on all social media platforms.

How are we able to get three times the audience in comparison to our followers?

Our Insights.

Our insights are our bible. They tell us exactly what kind of posts are working best & what hour of the day are the best for our audience. Without giving everything away we did quickly want to show you the insights to one of our clients business Facebook pages over the past 7 days.

This client has only posted twice in a week and we can see the results are pretty impressive. The page likes & views are up as is the reach and engagement. This client in particular doesn't post a lot of video content however we can see that the result of one video post increased by 15,000% to 300 views.

Do you think this client is going to be posting a few more videos? we sure do.

We hope this gives you a brief run down on the different type of insights you can use to help grow your social media marketing.

We appreciate there is a lot to look at when trying to plan your social media marketing strategies and both Nic Fren & Andrew Tuck are here to answer any questions you may have.


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