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Welcome - Inner Strength Counselling and Psychotherapy

The latest business to join the Bespoke Media Management family is Inner Strength Therapy. They offer trauma and anxiety counselling in Sydney for individuals and couples who are finding life challenging and stressful due to adverse past trauma.

They address and treat a wide range of mental health issues including mood, anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Inner Strength Therapy specialise in anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse and body image therapy within Sydney.

Counselling and therapy are about healing and finding your way again towards a life of contentment and purpose. Sometimes this comes down to simply talking it out with an understanding and perceptive person, trained in areas of counselling.

Inner Strength Therapy offers you an outside perspective as sometimes family/friend support is not what you need at that particular time.  

Drawing on the learned skills and counselling techniques Stephen Moore, the owner of Inner Strength Therapy, can support you through challenging times and help you become stronger and more aware, guiding you towards successfully managing your life.

Stephen supplies counselling in Sydney that is personal and empathetic, confidential and professional. Seeing a counsellor can be a confronting thing to do but once you’ve found a good therapist – someone you feel comfortable with – therapy can be an effective and satisfying treatment for emotional and mental problems.

"The first step to healing is recognising that there is a wound." – Unknown

Written by Andrew Tuck


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