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Welcome - Social Table

The latest business to join the Bespoke Media Management family is SocialTable.

Whether you're exploring your town, travelling to a new city, searching for a low-pressure dating option, or simply looking to make some new friends; SocialTable is the key to connecting with fun, interesting, open-minded people.

Designed so you can experience the very best their partner restaurants like Manly Wine, Gurdys, Rose Royale, Acre Eatery, have to offer - showcasing their unique style and creativity through a shared menu with optional matching wines.

It is a perfect way for you to meet friends and even find love. There are roughly 6 events a month for you to join, ranging from men and women only gatherings to events where everyone is invited.

Most events are held in the easy accessible areas of Manly and Newtown areas of Sydney, as well as the Melbourne CBD. 

When you attend a SocialTable event you will get an exclusively designed, truly mouth watering menu and the enjoyment of sharing the experience with some great new friends.

If you’re a local or a traveller looking for a fun social night out, check out SocialTable for an event closest to you.

Written by Andrew Tuck


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