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What to do if you have been hacked on Facebook or Instagram

The best way to contact Facebook or Instagram if your account has been hacked or you are experiencing issues with the platform is to visit their Help Centers, where you will find a variety of resources and support options.

For Facebook:

For Instagram:

  • Go to the Instagram Help Center (

  • Select "Report a hacked account" or the issue you are experiencing

  • Follow the prompts to report your issue

You also have the option to contact them through their "Contact Us" form or using their email or mobile number(Instagram)

If you are unable to access your account, you can also try contacting Facebook or Instagram through their dedicated support channels for hacked accounts, such as the Hacked Accounts page for Facebook ( or the Help Center page for hacked accounts on Instagram (

In any case, it is important to have the proof of your identity ready, to help them to verify that the account belongs to you, like a government-issued ID or a passport.


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