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Why can’t you answer the question mate?

My client had one question for the sales rep who sold him a two-week social media campaign for a few hundred dollars just before Christmas. Everything seemed to be going ok. The campaign kicked off and my client was told that it was going really well, even though he’d never seen the ad pop up on his own social media.

At the end of the campaign he looked at the report provided by the rep and had one question.

What does reach mean?

Let's just clear that up.

According to Wikipedia - Social media reach is a media analytics metric that refers to the number of users who have come across a particular content on a social platform such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Very basic level of knowledge for anyone working in the social media space. Yet, this rep stumbled around trying to find an explanation. My client pushed again and asked “Why can’t you answer the question mate?”

The reason? This rep had no education or experience in the social media space and was selling the service on behalf of his company that was being outsourced to a third party. Which is all well and good and this happens with many different companies.

However, as the client rightly explained, if you are going to take my money and pocket it, I don’t care if you use a third party but you better be able to explain YOUR product to me when I have questions regarding the outcome of the campaign.

You have marketed this service as YOURS, you have charged me for the service and you have no idea what YOUR service does.

End of the part of the story we would like to disclose.

Why is this important?

Social media is marketing. It’s going to be the #1 tool I believe in 2020 for marketing real estate and every man and their dog thinks they know what they are doing simply because they know how to upload a selfie on Saturday night.

When the client had finished I asked him what credentials do they have in social media marketing. The silence was deafening. Most people wouldn’t think to ask this. I do know the company and from the owners straight down through management, sales reps to the receptionist, not one person has even gone and completed a FULL DAY course on social media marketing let alone is qualified to handle your online digital reputation.

I’ve been in the social media space for 6 years now and I have the below qualifications or acknowledgements to ensure my team & myself are not only capable - but industry leaders.

1) REB Finalist 2017 - Digital Presence. Placed top 8 in the country. Nic Fren

2) REB Nominee 2018 - Digital Presence - Nic Fren

3) Shaw Academy Diploma Level 5 2018 - Social Media Marketing

4) Shaw Academy Advanced Diploma Level 5 2019 - Social Media Marketing

5) SMMI Nominee 2019 - Best Small Agency - Bespoke Media Management

6) SMMI Nominee 2019 - Best Emerging Social Media Marketer - Nic Fren

7) SMMI Nominee 2019 - Best Use of Facebook - Bespoke Media Management

8) SMMI Nominee 2019 - Best Use of Instagram - Bespoke Media Management

9) SMMI Nominee 2019 - Most Innovative User of Social Media - Nic Fren

10) SMMI Nominee 2019- Social Media Marketer of The Year - Nic Fren

11 SMMI Nominee 2019 - Best Small Agency of The Year - Bespoke Media Management

12) SMMI Finalist 2019 - Best Emerging Social Media Marketer – Placed top 6 in the country. - Nic Fren

13) SMMI Finalist 2019 - Best Use of Instagram - Placed top 6 in the country. - Bespoke Media Management

14) Number 1 in Australia for real estate marketing on Instagram - Bespoke Media Management

So, my team and I have the basics down pat I’d be safe to say.

This isn’t a game. Social media isn’t simply something you can ADD ON to an existing product or service just to cash in on what’s popular. Yes, third parties do come into play for many different reasons and we have used them ourselves over the years. However, when I am sitting there with a client pushing a product that has my name or company attached to it - you better believe I know my product inside out, backwards and forwards.

Before you commence any marketing campaign with a company claiming they know social media marketing, ask:

1) Their qualifications - have they studied this space?

2) Who are they currently working for and can you see some of their work?

3) Can they provide 3 contact numbers of clients for you to ring and discuss their service?

In real estate your reputation is everything & can be lost very quickly. Do your due diligence when outsourcing someone to look after your online branding and ensure they are qualified for the job.

If you are looking to ramp up your social media marketing in 2020 now is the time to get in touch.

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management

Bespoke Prestige

0434 527 673


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