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Would you like a lead for $5.48c ?

There's more to social media than just smashing your audience with content all the time!

Over the past 9.5 years of marketing myself & property on social media, I've developed a skill for being able to create engaging content AND produce results on social media in the real estate industry. At the end of the day, we all want social media to produce leads & sell property for us.

Simply posting a picture and dropping $20 on a boost isn't going to make you stand out from the crowd. In fact, you are probably doing more harm than good to your platforms in terms of the algorithms.

I wanted to share this example with you today. This is an ad I started running on Sunday. As you can see, I've spent less than $17 over 2 days and it's generated 3 leads for me. That's a name, number and email address for a prospective client. Each lead has cost me $5.48c.

Would you pay $5.48c for a listing right now?

These aren't fake results, this is the very reason our business thrived throughout a pandemic. I used Facebook & Instagram lead generation campaigns to do my prospecting for me.

While my ads do their thing in the background, I can work on growing and progressing my pipeline.

Ask yourself, what do you actually want from your social media marketing and is it working for you or are you working on it?

To discuss your social media marketing plan or join our bespoke membership, please contact Nic Fren on 0434 527 673 or


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