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452 leads in 30 days - I'm not trying to pitch to you, this is just how I did it

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

452 leads in 30 days. Sounds crazy doesn't it. Like one of those over promising, under delivering companies that spruiks outrageous results?

The difference here is, we aren't pitching to you. Merely explaining how we were able to produce 452 leads in a 30 day period.

As an agent, you understand that successful marketing campaigns are essential to the long-term success of your business. However, I've witnessed a perceptible shift, with an increasing emphasis on instant gratification as opposed to the cultivation of enduring success for your business.

As business owners, we understand the immediate desire for increased business, yet it is equally crucial to establish a strong foundation for the weeks, months, and years that lie ahead.

Towards the end of 2022, my team & I came together to generate as much enquiry in a single month that would lead into the new year and set us up for a great start to 2023.

Knowing that it can sometimes take a few months from initial enquiry to conversion, the goal was master every piece of media that we could, in order to generate conversations. I'm pleased to say that in the month of November 2022, we generated an astounding 452 leads.


We did the basic things, right. Understanding who our clients are and what they want is key to the success of any campaign. Our clients are real estate agents, offices & networks. All want more sellers or more members.

Those two elements were our core focus of the campaign. It didn't matter what we wanted, our sole focus was attracting future clients showcasing how we could help them win more business.

The 4 elements we used were:

Understanding our Audience

The key to achieving marketing success lies in a profound understanding of your target audience—knowing their preferences, their preferred hangouts, and their communication preferences.

By mastering the art of customer profiling, you can craft highly effective campaigns that are tailored specifically to resonate with these individuals.

For instance, if your predominant customer base consists of young professionals, it would be wise to allocate your efforts towards dynamic social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, rather than opting for more conventional methods like Facebook. Or SMS marketing as opposed to email.

Given the fast-paced nature of today's society, offering concise and engaging content, instead of lengthy emails or sprawling Facebook posts (like this one), is bound to captivate and retain their attention.

Creating Content That Resonates

The content should not merely inform but also captivate and intrigue, encouraging people to genuinely notice and actively engage with it.

Moreover, it's imperative to maintain a uniform content presence across all channels, as this not only fosters trust among potential customers but also enhances brand recognition.

For us, agents want more business. Having years of experience in this area in terms of lead generation, our main focus was a heavily visible campaign on the results other members of ours were getting when it came to lead generation & some of the different strategies we were using that our competitors weren't.

Highlighting the fact our campaigns work & our members were setting themselves set up for a strong end to the year, whilst having stock to come back to after the Christmas break.

It wasn't about how good we thought we were, it was about how our members were performing using our strategies.

Investing Time Over Money

You can save thousands of dollars on monthly social media ad spending by optimising your time effectively. Social media may not be the be all and end all for your potential clients. Look at print marketing (yes, the old fashioned letters), SMS marketing, Podcasts with industry influencers and media outlets.

Channel your efforts into meticulous research to discover the content that truly resonates with your audience. If your audience isn't hanging out at the park, why keep going there? It's a total waste of time, money and energy.

Engage directly with comments, participate in meaningful conversations, and stay informed about the latest industry news and trends.

This approach not only fosters relationships with potential customers but also nurtures trust among your existing ones.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, merely keeping pace with developments won't suffice.

To truly distinguish yourself, strive to be ahead of the curve and maintain a consistent presence at the forefront.

Diversifying Strategies.

Diversifying across various media platforms is crucial for the success of your campaign. This strategy has a dual impact: it either maximizes your brand's omnipresence, bolstering its visibility, or it captures engagement in areas where you might otherwise lose your audience.

Throughout the 30-day campaign, we executed the following initiatives:

  1. SMS: We sent two SMS messages to our hot and warm leads.

  2. Email: We elevated our weekly alerts to two, with an additional bi-weekly email featuring a special deal.

  3. Mail Merge: We dispatched two mailouts to our hot and warm prospects, each featuring an exclusive offer.

  4. Social Media Content: We intensified our messaging, concentrating exclusively on addressing our clients' needs.

  5. Social Media Ads: We significantly increased our ad spend, ensuring that our brand and offerings were prominently visible on social media.

  6. Podcasts: We actively pursued appearances on every available podcast and YouTube interview to broaden our reach.

  7. Media Coverage: We submitted our stories to numerous news outlets, thereby extending our reach and gaining third-party credibility for our brand.

  8. Personal Outreach: Perhaps the most effective method, we dedicated ourselves to 30 days of calling every single inquiry from the year, as well as groups we aimed to attract.

By adopting this diversified approach, we maximized our campaign's potential for success and reached our target audience through various channels, leaving no stone unturned.

Final thought.

Take time to understand who your customer is, where they hangout and how they like to be communicated with.

Keep these tips in mind when planning out future marketing strategies for maximum success!

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