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A Whole New World

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and I think given the current climate this one is sums up the entire planet at the moment. 

The world as we knew it is over.

So, grab your magic carpet (your brain) and come on a ride through this whole new world with me.  I think it's safe to say 2020 hasn't been the year we imagined. It's pushed us in ways we have never experienced and united us all. With a new sense of freedom and lust for life comes a fresh desire for many to look at their situation and make changes.

Look at the movie Aladdin and draw some comparisons to what's taken place this year. Tough economic times for some (Aladdin), difficulty in accepting changes or legislation (Princess Jasmines upcoming marriage to Jafar), the one completely oblivious to what’s going on and remains unaffected by what’s going on (the Sultan) and of course, the one thing who brings everything together (the Genie) in social media. Yes, a wild comparison and why would I reference it? 

Like the movie Aladdin was going through a tough time and call it luck, opportunity or the right place at the right time, a single event changed his life in an instant.  While the effects of what has been is going to be felt by many for a long time to come, I guess the beauty of it (if you can try and find some) is that as a human race we have all come together and on the whole, especially from what I’ve seen in Australia, the term mate ship has well and truly proven to be alive and thriving. 

For some of us, could COVID-19 be a blessing in disguise? 

I know for me and many people I’ve spoken too, our social and business lives have been put on hold while we navigate through the changes and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I don’t think I will ever go back to the days where the majority of my day was spent in my car and/or on the phone. I’ll also happily wait for a really long time for a really bad coffee and be thankful. That, for me out of all of this is what I’ve taken from COVID-19. I’ve been less worried about not being able to go out for a beer with my mates but become more grateful and thankful for the life I have and the freedoms we can still enjoy. 

No business coach could have ever done what the past few months has for many people. It’s forced us to ACTUALLY stop! 

It’s forced us to look at our lives, business and relationships and rethink, revalue, respect, re-energise and revamp the way we look at everything. By taking away or having to change many aspects of the way I ran my business, I’ve found that I’m more organised, more present and getting through the volume of work in less time enabling us to scale the business, while also having my stress levels reduce by about 80%. 

While everyone has been impacted and some more than others, for the more fortunate a common theme is “I’m never going back to the old way”. 

Is this the wakeup call many of us needed? 

Business owners have now been forced to allow employees to work from home and the feedback I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. Business owners are reporting that productivity has increased and employees are loving that extra time they are getting with their families. 

Is this the reset button we, as a society needed?

What was so important not even 3 months ago has changed. For many of us we have picked up new skills, rekindled old passions and have had a LOT of time with ourselves to work on our emotional, spiritual, mental wellbeing and our health.  As odd as this sounds, COVID-19 has been a really positive experience for me and my business & from what I've heard, many others as well.

I grabbed my magic carpet around 8 weeks ago and have been flying around exploring this new world we are living in. To see the latest technology and how that’s kept business alive has been an exciting journey and at times, been a part of that myself. 

The line in the movie before they set sail to see a whole new world was “do you trust me”. 

Do you have your magic carpet and are you ready to see a whole new world?

Don’t be scared. 

Written by Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management


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